Costco Kirkland Signature 5s after warranty expiration?

What happens after warranty expiration on Costco Kirkland Signature 5s (KS5s)? The KS5s are locked to Costco-only-fitting-software so if you sell them used after warranty expiration will Costco still program used KS5s for the new owner? Will Costco charge a fee for the service?

I don’t see how they could adjust them for free for a new owner and they may not have a program set up to charge for visits, but you would have to ask them.

I did ask about repairs after the warranty and for Resound it was $135 for a repair that included a 12 month warranty on that one aid. I was also told there was no guarantee Resound would continue to fix them after 5 years.

Just because the warranty has expired doesn’t mean that Costco won’t still service the HA’s for you. They will continue to reprogram them as long as you own them and they are working and they will also send them in for repair until they are 5 years old and then their manufacturers won’t repair them anymore and you will have to send them somewhere else for repairs and then bring them back to Costco for programming. I was given a pair of Costco HA’s and the woman I go to at Costco reprogrammed them for me for free. You have to remember at Costco your not a customer,but a member.

I’m looking at this from a viewpoint of buying used KS5s on Ebay. Let’s say I buy a used set of KS5s, and let’s say the warranty has expired. Do you think that I can go to Costco, show them my membership card, and ask them to please program the KS5s for me?

It seems that you already had a paying relationship with Costco Hearing Aid Center. I am wondering if they will do the reprogramming for someone who does not have a paying relationship with Costco Hearing Aid Center?

Has anyone purchased older Kirkland Signature HAs with expired warranty and got them reprogrammed by Costco?

Why don’t you go into a Costco and ask them? You will probably have a better chance if you Tell them you were given the HA’s. Costco can tell who owned them previously and it’s not unheard of for HA’s to be stolen. On the other hand I have been to many estate sales where HA’s are being sold.

Stopped in at Costco today and asked. They hem-and-hawed and then gave me an answer of “No”.

As seb said my chances would likely be better if I told them someone gave me the hearing aids. I didn’t because I didn’t want to sugar coat it.

Moral of this story (at least for me) is that the resale value of Kirkland Signature hearing aids diminishes to zero after warranty expiration because they are locked to Costco-only fitting software. YMMV if you get lucky.

I would even say their resale value drops to zero the day after the 90 day return period. So if that is a consideration, that you might want to sell them later, Costco would not be for you for Resound and Phonak aids.

If you already had hearing aids from them and someone in your family, who also has hearing aids from them that are still under warranty, gave you their hearing aids, then they would probably adjust them for you.

The diminishing resale value that I was referencing is only for ReSound, not Phonak. The Costco Phonak Brio hearing aids (HAs) can be programmed with a non-Costco version of the Target fitting software. Thus they can be re-programmed by yourself or by your local Audi.

I disagree that resale value drops to zero the day after the 90 day return period because Costco will transfer any remaining warranty into the new owner/Costco-member’s name and re-program the HAs. Even if you buy them on Ebay. So the Kirklands do have residual resale value during the first three years.

Resale value is an important consideration for me because I buy and sell used HAs as a method of upgrading to a newer technology.

Oh, and they are not setup to charge a fee for programming. So You cannot pay for the programming.

Another way to look at it is that you’re getting the aid for about half price compared to what similar list for. With any used aids you’d be darn lucky to sell them at half price. So, even if you trashed them instead of reselling, it be a wash against a purchase at typical retail.

Not for me. I already consider Costco prices too high! I know that seems funny to most of you.

I paid less than $700 for >> my last set of near new hearing aids << so I very much appreciate getting $300 resale value for a pair of eight year old Oticon Epoqs.

We are talking about normal people here, PVC. :stuck_out_tongue:

How many take up playing with hearing aids as a hobby/avocation?