Costco Kirkland Signature 312 batteries draining quickly

I was fitted with my Phillips 9010 hearing aids two days ago. I have been amazed at my hearing improvement. I am having one issue I know is not right. Yesterday day 2 I received the warning that my batteries were low. I checked the app and left was 60% and right one 10%. Soon the right one quit working. Battery showed dead. Took the battery out put it back in and it showed 40%. What the heck. So I put the aid back on. 2 hours later same issue. It was close enough to bed time I took the aids off cleaned and put them in the dryer for the night. This morning I put two new batteries in. Currently 8 hours later the left shows 50% and the right shows 80%. At this rate the left will be dead and lasted 16 hrs. I am using Kirkland 312 batteries with expectation date of October 2024. Any suggestions?


I buy large quantities of them off of eBay. Even if they don’t last the full week as ones from the drug store might, they are so much cheaper that if they only last 6 days at a fraction of the price, I’m still coming out way ahead. I always keep a spare pair on me just in case.

Where did you get the hearing aids? If it is from CostCo, I would call them immediately and let them know.

If you got them from a different place, maybe buy some batteries elsewhere and see if the issue resolves.

I have CostCo Kirkland KS9 hearing aids, batteries also from CostCo. I do have a P receiver on the left, battery lasts 5 days. Right is an S receiver, battery lasts almost 7 days (about 6.5 days).

I did contact them. They believe I have just got a bad batch of batteries. Said they would replace them when I go back in two weeks for aid adjustment.


I used to buy batteries from the “old” HA forum operator to help support him. Cheaper than brand name.
Last few years have bought Costco. Much cheaper than anything else and quality seems good. Used to use 312. New HA about 2.5 years ago take 13.

I was given a 12 pack with my new hearing aids. I think they are a bad batch. I a look so bought a 48 Kirkland 312 pack. We will see if this issue continues with the new pack. I agree Costco HA are much cheaper than even Amazon .

update:. Still having same issue and do not think it is the batteries. The new Phillios 9010’s HA shows 80-90% and in a few hours I receive 3 beeps of low battery and then it disconnects. Shoes zero battery left ear. I open and close the battery door and look again and it shows 80%. This is getting to be a real pain. Has done this about 6 times the first 3 days of use. Suggestions? Love the hearing aids but this is not going to work.

I’m glad you called re the batteries.

And now, I agree, something else seems to be wrong. Call CostCo again. There is no point in waiting 2 weeks. Tell them you need a new appt asap. If you want, just to be sure, go out and buy 2 batteries someplace else and see what happens; hold the receipt so you can show CostCo you did the ‘test.’ I’m guessing it is going to work the same way; that is, not work more than a few hours. Something is wrong.

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agree. And I am doing just that

Seems to me thaf Costco changed battery providers. The packaging changed. Batteries aren’t at 100% at install, then die quickly. I switched to Rayovac from Amazon. 80 batteries for $22.49.


It could be. I have a 48 pack to go through. I am going to buy some of those local and try them to see if it resolves the issue. I put in new ones this morning. It has been 8 hours. The left one has 40% and the right one has 70%. At that rate the left will last 12 hrs and the right a little over 26 hours. They are supposed to last 5-7 days. To me that is at least 50-70 hours. Costco is getting a call tomorrow. I have had these 4 days.

Check teh contacts in the aids to be sure they are clean.

I’ve been using the Kirkland 312’s in my Philips 9010’s with no battery life problems. Perhaps something is wrong with your hearing aids?

I had similar issue. Went back to Costco to have HA checked. There was something wrong with the left HA. Since it was under warranty, it was sent back for repairs. Came back 2 weeks later, everything is good. If you go back and it needs repairs, request a loaner pair of HA. They are available. An additional piece of advice. If you do a lot of streaming, 4 days between changing batteries.

I went and purchased a pack of Duracell Trusted batteries and so far they have lasted 26 hours with 60% left and no issues. I will be returning my Costco batteries and get mine from Amazon.

When we are talking days how many hours a day. I am assuming 10 hrs a day so 50-70 total hours expected. Sound right?

FWIW-- I have had exactly the same issue with Kirkland 312s – multiple packs over a period of time, so not " a bad batch. "

Sometimes they install at less than 100%. Sometimes they drain to a low level in a day. Sometimes they die within hours or even immediately. Sometimes they die slowly so I get warning chimes. Sometimes they die suddenly with no warning. And this can happen even if I’m not streaming or doing anything intensive If I put in a new battery it of course might do the same thing so I don’t dare to go out without a full pack of batteries.

I initially thought they were terrific – great price, and they lasted much longer than any other brand. So the comment that they changed providers interests me. I have thought about having my HAs checked out (Oticon OPN) but was deterred by covid closure.

I’ll try some other brands but am not sure that will prove if it’s the HAs or the Kirklands as the problem is completely in consistent in its manifestations.

I would urge you to try Duracell or other top Brand. Your experience is exactly the experience I have had with them. I think you will be happy.

The batteries sold right here on this forum are a great price and have always done well for my wife and I.
We use the Power 1 batteries.

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Agree. Power One is the #1 rated hearing aid battery by many. I did not realize they were sold on this site.