Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 Smart Phone Compatibility

Was tested & fitted at Costco, preference was the Signature 10.0.
They installed the Easy Line Remote™ app. But it wasn’t compatible with my
Moto G Stylus 5G (2021) that in Jan 2022 had Android 11.xx
This week July 2022, Moto G Stylus 5G updated to Android 12
PC Mag claims it uses Bluetooth 5.1

Costco Compatibility Checker: Compatibility Checker - Kirkland Signature 10.0
If I enter:
Motorola Moto G Stylus 5 G (2022) - it shows Android 12 (bluetooth 5.1) and claims it is Compatible.
Motorola Moto G Stylus 5 G (2021) - it shows Android 11 (bluetooth 5.1) and claims it is compatible. (in January it didn’t work. And I just updated to Android 12 today).

Easy Line Remote app last updated to 3.05 on Feb 28, 2022 (my experience was Jan 2022) So maybe the latest version works?

I am going to set an appointment for Costco and see if the Tech can test out the new Easy Line Remote with my New upgraded Android 12. Wed July 20th appointment

You should be able to update the app yourself. In my experience this stuff is often buggy. It often requires considerable “futzing.” Thoughts: Update or reinstall app.Restart phone. Repair aids with phone and with app. It is not uncommon for issues to develop with and OS update or an app update. Good luck!


My Kirkland 10s link flawlessly with Motorola e5 plus, Moto G7 Power and Moto G6 Power 2020.

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Thanks for the update, its now 5/1/2024 - I have used the REXTON Bicore C R-LI for two years.
Have updated phone multiple times. The REXTON APP Bluetooth just will not work correctly.
The Hearing Aids perform well - they connect to the Rexton APP to set the volume, balance and so on for the Rexton hearing aids themselves. But, the phone blue tooth is a train-wreck.
The MOTO G 5G - 2022 would connect, it would play Tones and Audio (e.g. YouTube) but the Phone Calls were at about 5% volume. If I was in a totally quite room, I could just barely hear the phone conversation, there was no way to adjust the phone call volume at all.

The MOTO G 5G - 2023 replacement was worse, The Bluetooth media was at FULL VOLUME, no way to adjust it down, only Full Volume. The phone would ring tone, but no volume at all. I would have to keep putiing phone on speaker phone.
Then the MOTO G 5G - 2023 got a upgrade to Android 14. Now the Bluetooth won’t play the Youtube at all, no tone, no phone voice… zilch.
The assistance for REXTON is totally useless. Look at the Ratings on the REXTON APP - it works fine on Apple, all extremely low ratings for Android, mostly that REXTON doesn’t work. Eventually REXTON APP support sent a useless response. They claimed that if I don’t completely uninstall the Rexton APP off an old cell phone that is gone, it might not work for me now?
I have removed, restarted, rebooted, re installed many dozens of times. REXTON has not even updated its list of Compatible Phones for over 2 years. Just can’t take them seriously.
Costco support tells me I need to buy an Apple phone. Not going to do that.
Some internet sites indicate COSTCO Rexton is licensed out to a different vendor. No idea, but I don’t think I can buy from COSTCO again.

I am going to evaluate my UnitedHealthCare Hearing program that just started and evaluate from scratch.

thanks for the update! I had nothing but trouble with three other Moto phones, nothing worked remotely properly. I responded verbosely in the post just previous to yours.
But thanks, I took my Rexton back to Costco twice to have them checked for any firmware updates, just could never get them to work with the audio and / or phone.

You’ve dissed Rexton in 3 posts, if it’s not obvious to you that your problem is 2 fold, for one your phone is the issue not the Rexton, you should first test the streaming with another brand of phone, my Rexton work fine with my Sammy, 2nd is you need to know what your doing, you mentioned that you can’t control the volume, say what, well you can control the streaming volume in 3 different ways, one using the buttons on your Bi-core and second by using the App and last using the volume buttons on your Motorola, as for calls being low in volume, this is your phone, your not hands free right?
All your issues are from not understanding how to set things up correctly, did you know you don’t need the App at all, your right it’s flakey, Rexton are rebranded Signia models, Signia Connexx software has one of the best bluetooth equaliser adjustment, very easy once you know how, again I don’t understand why your saying you’ll never buy HAs from Costco again, it’s not entirely their fault, sounds like your fitter at Costco didn’t know what to do to help you, Why not give a DIY project a go?


Thanks for you input. I am actually happy you mentioned Signia Connexx - I am willing to try it.
This is the 4th phone that has failed. Each has unique failures.
Each of the phones worked properly on other at least 9 other bluetooth devices from Bose Headphones to $25 wireless headsets with microphones.
It isn’t one phone, or two phones. And, there was a significant difference when the last phone was updated to the latest Android version.
I have taken the Rexton back to Costco twice to have the Firmware updated.
I have removed all Rexton App to connect the Phone’s Bluetooth with HAs directly before downloading the Rexton app. The Rexton support did not mention Signa Connexx software.
I fully understand the volume controls. Never tried the hands free because the basic functionality did not work, only for Rexton. The other bluetooth devices such as Bose or Headsets work fine for multiple computers used for conference calls, smart TVs, and whatever. However, my Sony Smart TV is just one model behind the HAs Bluetooth standard. I actually read FCC standards.
To be clear, the volume on the Moto-s plural - works fine and on all bluetooth devices with the sole exception of Rexton. On one model, the streaming worked on the Rexton with volume control, but not on Phone. On another phone, neither. and so on.

I am pleased as punch you let me know yours works on your Sammy! Seriously, I just want a system that works. I seriously believed Rexton provided the best specifications for harmonic corrections for my hearing audio profile chart. I still use them when I am at functions that don’t require phone calls.

Just googled
The REXTON support or Costco never mentioned this.

I am packing for travel at the moment, but want to know more. My preference would be to get my Rexton useable.
If you have any other suggestions, I would be open to solutions.
Best Regards

I just checked the Motorola (Lenovo) website. You need to check for Android Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) for most phones. I searched the site for both the 4LA and the full terminology, and nothing was found.

My understanding is that Rexton is BT LE, so it needs to talk to ASHA, but it apparently can’t do that with Motos because the phone doesn’t support ASHA - it’s the phone, not the HA. I don’t understand the Phonak’s inability to connect - maybe Motos support only BT LE and not traditional BT.

More simply, Phonak requires BT. Other Android phones work with BT LE HAs only if the phone complies with the ASHA standard.

Reston does not list any Moto phones on it’s compatibility list for streaming.