Costco Kirkland Hearing Aid Self Adjustment

I was given a pair of Kirkland Series 6 hearing aids.

Can I make any adjusrments to them? I can press the rocker switch and hear audible beeps, but that is it. I put them on this evening and could hear myself talk, but that was it.

Could I be doing something wrong?

I dont have a Costco in my town so going to them would be impossible as I’m not a member and the closet one is 200 miles away.

If there is nothing I can do, can I purchase a pair of hearing aids from an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser for no more than $1,000 per ear, as this is the maximum my insurance will pay?

I’m also open to suggestions on what people think the best hearing aids are that meet the aforementioned criteria.

I really hate to see these hearing aids go to waste as they were a gift from my recenlty deceased brother.

I have had a hearing aid test and audiogram by a certified audiologist and was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss.

Thank you everyone

I have a pair of Costco KS6 hearing aids. When you press the rocker switch, they are cycling through the 4 programs. One beep means program #1, etc. Program 1 is usually the all-around program. The KS6 is made by Resound, so you could try taking them to someone who sells Resound near you to reprogram them. I think that Resound also makes HAs for Beltone. I inherited a pair of Starkey aids from my Mother and took them to a Starkey dealer near me and he reprogrammed them to fit me for no charge.

The Costco KS6 was locked to a program only provided to Costco. If you got them from a friend who will transfer them to you, you can get them programmed by Costco.

You are fortunate to have HA insurance. The $2000 isn’t likely to get you aids locally. You should be able to get close by buying from an online source. Locally, you are talking $3200.

So if I’m understanding you correctly, you have a pair of used hearing aids that were programmed for somebody else. The only way to get them adjusted, even though it’s 200 miles away is to call Costco and see if you become a member if they would adjust them for you. Otherwise you’re out of luck. The KS6s are locked according to our DIY forum, which means that only Costco can adjust them.

Regarding $1000 apiece hearing aids that your insurance will cover. 1) Ask your audiologist if he carries any low cost options, or could suggest a way that you could get hearing aids for that amount. 2) If you insurance will cover Costco, they have aids in that price range. 3) Reassess finances and consider if you could afford more. Good luck!

Please do not wear someone else’s hearing aids. Hearing aids are individually fit. Plus, the flora and fauna in your brother’s ears might not get along well with the flora and fauna in your ears. It’s an infection risk.

Many audiologists have low cost options for hearing aids. Just let them know up front what your financial limitations are and many will go out of their way to find something to meet your budget. Audiologists want people to be able to hear well, and if someone refuses to help you for less than $6k then they aren’t the right person to be seeing anyway.


I second @Neville’s recommendations.