Costco Hearing Center Reimbursement (Blue Shield Promise Health Plan Medi-cal (Medicaid))

Has anyone manage to get Hearing Aids reimbursement from Bue Shield Promise Health Plan Medi-cal for out of pocket hearing aids from Costco?

From my understanding, we have to submit the information such as authorization, itemized billing, health insurance coding, and test result to our insurance.

Since Costco is not a medi-cal provider would this any affect?

I have used Blue Shield Blue Cross for my 2020 HA. I had to get a Doctor to send me and fill out paperwork after I purchased them. I believe they paid 80% up to $1000. Now 2024 they pay 80% up to $2000. But I’m not sure if it’s the same for you. Both times I just called and asked them. They are usually pretty helpful. Just have your ID, group and plan number and should be good to go.

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Can you explain what you mean that you have Doctor send you paperwork to fill out?

Also, is there a form you have to fill out for Blue Shield reimbursement?

Lastly, where did you send those forms to? Can you upload those docs to your message center blue shield account?

I would call your Blue Shield representative. It should be on the back of your insurance card. There are different groups and plans. They are really good an answering questions and they can help you a lot. There will be a form to fill out I’m sure. My plan may be different than yours so a call will be your best option. My Costco fitter might have signed my papers work. The federal blue cross requirement is you need to get Preauthorization before you buy. I’m not federal so mine is different. A phone call is going to be your best bet.

We got one rejection a few years ago because I didn’t read the instructions right. My wife called BCBS and asked the rep exactly how to fill out the form, and we got a check in the mail some weeks later.

The surest way to get reimbursed is to call the insurer and get specific detailed info on filling out the forms.

That assumes you can hear OK on the phone. If not, is there a senior center near you? Or can a friend make the call for you? You’ll probably have to be in the room together because of HIPAA regs - you’ll have to ID yourself and OK a conversation between your ‘rep’ and your insurer.

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Is there a limit( dollar amount) to how much they will reimburse?
May i ask how much they reimburse you?

That depends on the insurance policy you have. I strongly recommend calling your insurer, as unsatisfactory as that so often is. Your insurer is the only one who can tell you exactly what form(s) to use, how to fill it out, and what your coverage is.