Costco hearing aids for significant hearing loss?

Are any Costco HAs good for significant hearing loss? Thanks

I believe they have some BTE models available. You cannot beat their prices.

I think I have severe to profound and use Costco HAs.

Getting a new pair in a few weeks (Jabra). Receiver in canal plus a microphone in canal. Currently using a loaner pair of that model with 13 batteries.

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As already mentioned, Costco has many models to choose from, post your audiogram, this would be helpful in choosing something that could be used.

I guess I’m playing semantics, but I think most everybody that is chosen to participate in the forum thinks their hearing loss is “significant.” I know they used to have several brands that would cover very profound losses. I’m now unclear which models they now carry that offer Ultrapower BTEs. From their website, it looks like Rexton does. Unsure about Phillips and especially Jabra. Anybody know if they carry any Jabras other than a RIC? In short though, the technology that Costco offers should be able to cover most anybody’s hearing loss.

The only concern I would have is that with severe loss the HAs work harder. If you combine that with a lot of streaming, some rechargeable aids might not get you through a day. Or as has happened to some, they do OK when new, but as the batteries age and capacity tapers off, they may fade before you do. That means you need a charger with you and some time without aids while they charge.

I have KS10s (Phonak P90R clone), mild-to-moderate loss, do little streaming, and my HAs consistently have over 40% left after a full day. I can do a 15 hour day as a poll worker and not worry at all. And there are some HAs that are known to last longer than mine.

As always, YMMV.

Can confirm. Have phonak p90s rechargeables and when I first got them I had mild loss and they worked great, once it dropped to severe-profound and eventually just profound, the battery life is awful and I can’t wear my hearing aids all day.

I imagine with any aids the greater the loss the faster the battery drain - needs more power. My left aid drops far faster than my right.

For some aids, the left one is the master and drains faster. Which one is master is configurable but defaults to left.

Left hearing loss is worse, requires more power……

Phonak rechargeables no longer available at Costco.

I am confused by Jabra.

I thought it was an OTC product made by GN. Same people as Resound.

But it seems the Jabra brand is more than this? e g. RIC as well.

If they are at Costco, does this mean they are sold alongside Resound?

The Jabra Enhance Plus is OTC

The Enhance Pro was the equivalent of the Resound One for sale at Costco.

It has been replaced by the Enhance Pro 10 which is the Omnia for sale at Costco.

Some marketing departments love confusing names.

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OK. Thanks. I am still confused though!

Is Jabra the name of a Resound OTC. And therefore a name denoting all OTC products for Resound?

Or is Jabra a separate company under GN that makes a line of hearing aids under the GN umbrella. Rather like Bernafon is separate to Oticon but both are under the demnant umbrella?

Or…lol…is Jabra just the Costco branded name for Resound products.?

A little bit of both but closer to the later. Jabra is a separate brand under GN. They do make OTCs, but Costco sells Jabra hearing aids (not OTC) in their hearing aid department. They are very similar to Resound models, but Costco no longer sells Resound branded hearing aids. Clear as mud? :>)

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Ahh…Gotcha. Thank you. That makes sense.

Would be interesting to see if they have any decent BTEs as Costco are no longer selling the Brio 5.

Unclear from website if the Costco Jabra is available in a BTE. The only brand that clearly seems to sell a BTE through Costco is Rexton (from pics on the website)


According to the site here there is a Philips HearLink BTE.

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The Costco site lists them having a Rexton bte aid in three power levels. That’s the only option for bte.