Costco Hearing Aid Warranty

If I use my Costco Citi credit card to purchase my hearing aids, will the warranty be extende to five years?

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The way I understand is that the hearing aid warranty is 3 years. If you used the credit card to purchase the hearing aid, it will extend the warranty by paying for any needed repairs. I’m unclear if it’s 1 or 2 years beyond the standard warranty. If it is 2 years, then yes, you’ll end up with a 5 year warranty.

I was informed that the card extends it one year. This in not only for aids but other electronics such as TV and computer. The info is on their site. Check with the HA department. On my last visit my one aid was going out of warranty and they suggested sending it in for replacement.

I just looked and it seems to be 2 years. Having trouble with links, but Google Costco Citi Card extended Warranty. It’s a little confusing as there’s also their Concierge program, but seems like 2 years applies to everything.

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I’m in Canada, of course. I bought my aids with a Costco-branded Mastercard, which I got precisely because it would extend all of the warranty and loss protections to a full five years.

Well, it is Visa here and my KS6’s factory warranty expires this year. When I purchased, it was AmEx with the same deal for coverage. For electronics and major appliances it is 2 years total. For aids it is the manufacturer’s warranty (variable) plus 1 year from the credit company.

I’m in the US. With my current Citi Visa card it’s 2 years for everything.

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Thank you everyone for your quick responses. I finally was able to contact Citi warranty personnel and in fact, if you use the Citi Costco card your warranty is extended by 24 months. It does not matter where you purchase the hearing aids, as long as there is a manufacturers warranty.

Everyone on this site has been so helpful for a newbie user! Thanks again!


I believe you have to call the credit card company and actually register your purchase to insure the extended warranty.

I think you register such a purchase when you use the card.

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Good points. Thanks!

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I didn’t see this mentioned when I looked at how to use the benefit. There was a phone number to call. They’ll send you a claim form and a request for documentation.

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