Costco Hearing Aid Technicians Training


Can you tell me how much training Costco hearing aid people are given for testing and adjusting hearing aids? And the difference between them and an audiologist?



I have spoken many times with my manager (Audiologist) about this. She does not feel that there is any difference at the clinical level. As a hearing aid practitioner, I am unable to sign the prescriptions for insurance companies & VA, that is the only difference within Costco between an AuD & a HAP. There is no paediatrics, nor is there vestibular/balance testing, no tinnitus evaluations and no APD testing. We do not typically get patients w/ recent medical issues i.e. stroke, brain tumor, etc., as these patients are typically seen by an AuD within the hospital they were treated. If these patients require amplification, we often see them. Both HAPs and AuD are trained to identify red flags for referral during case history and throughout the entire comprehensive hearing testing battery.

I was required to complete a two year university program along with an extended internship (2+yrs) to gain the title of a State Licensed Hearing Aid Practitioner. This is not Costco terminology. There is no “Costco Technician”. It is a either an audiologist or a hearing aid practitioner (also called HIS, hearing aid dispenser, etc.), that has been hired or put through schooling by Costco to obtain state licensure.



That was a really good reply. Audiology is actually a different field and training. When they learn to fit hearing aids, they do it the same way that hearing instrument dispensers do… and then they take the same test. The complimentary fields help the hard of hearing public with a slightly different view of the same problem. Hopefully, assisting them in ways that make it easier for them to accept help and to succeed in wearing hearing help.



Hi there! Thank yo so much for a such good answer! I’m hearing impaired person myself who wants to become hearing aid dispenser. Can’ find much information about that. What classes should I take if I have associates degree? If I would go for that through Costco how to start? Do I have to work there first? Thank you in advance!



I’m also hearing impaired and just about to be licensed here in California as a Hearing Aid Dispenser. You should first investigate your state licensing requirements to understand your path and needed next steps. I used the International Hearing Society coursework (many states actually use the IHS exam for their licensing examination). You can learn more about it here: I believe that Costco also uses this coursework in their training for associates.

I have also worked for a year in an Audiology practice for more exposure and on-the-job training.

Good luck!



Thank you so much for your response!!! It explained and helped a lot! I ‘ve found one more hearing impaired person who already works as audiologist assistant. So happy to know that I’m not alone in that matter and it’s possible!!! ‘ Dear sir, could we be in touch, because it’s so important to me to have someone who already went through the challenges to become HAspecialist! :blush:Have a great day!