Costco Hearing Aid Specialist in Chicago or suburbs

Can anyone recommend a specialist at a Costco in the Chicago area. In reading all the amazing information on this forum I see how critical this person is.
Thank you

I can’t believe that no one has answered this. Where are all posters the who tout Costco as being the best place to buy hearing aids? None in the Chicago area? Hmmm…

Sorry, I must have overlooked this. I use the Costco in Schaumburg, Il. (847-969-0792)
I recommend trying to get a appointment with Kathryn Otto, MA,CCC-A She is a licensed Audiologist. with I believe 26 years as a audi. She also was a teacher at Northwestern I believe. If she is not available try Kathy she is also good as she used to be in the business in Ind. and has been at this Costco location for 6yrs. Good luck


I go to Costco in NIles, and Susan has done an outstanding job in fitting me with KS9s.

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