Costco Hearing Aid Center Repair

This is a discussion pertaining to my local Costco Hearing Aid Center. I had a problem with my out-of-warranty Rexton hearing aid. No sound to the right ear. I told the young lady what I had done what could possibly have fixed the problem. But I noted that the wire going to the ‘receiver’ (the gizmo that goes into the ear canal) looked broken. She said she could possibly fix it but, if not, it would have to be sent to the manufacturer’s repair center and I would incur a repair charge. I came back in 10 minutes and she told me it has been repaired, and at no cost! Just a replacement of the flying wire (it required popping open the case and replacing the plug end that goes into the innards). Looks like this is a common problem and they stock the part. Hats off to Costco


Yeah! I have had similar experience. Costco really is the best place for hearing aids.

Happened to me twice. Fixed at the store both times.