Costco Bernafon Zerena (Product Information)



I just ordered the Zerena 9 from COSTCO yesterday and will be getting them in a couple days. I an changing from the Oticon Nera Pro 2. I also would very much appreciate your sharing your opinion of these if you would be willing to do so, or anyone else who has experience with them. I was leaning toward the Phonak but thought I would like to try these because of the iPhone connection.


Please let me know your experience. I believe my audiologist did not program mine correctly, for everything sounded terrible. I’m especially interested in how they sound with music.


Everything sounds awful. It sounds tinny. I hear my typing and it is too loud. The list goes on.

That a normal reaction for a first time user. The past is distorted and the new hopefully was programmed close to correct. It is your brain complaining about the instant change to something it hasn’t heard in a long time.

It often takes two to six weeks to acclimate. When you type a reply, it won’t sound like the sky is falling.


I’ve read on this forum before that Bernafon hearing aids are usually noted for sounding good with music. So either you’re not used to it yet and haven’t given it enough time (how long have you tried it?), or they didn’t program yours correctly.


Sounds below 500hz are ignored in a closed dome situation. They are processed by the ear in a open fit dome. Such sounds don’t add to speech recognition but they do enhance music. Think listening without the sub-woofer with closed domes or restricted molds.

So, you need to have the fitter give you a program that minimizes the speech optimization. If you can wear an open fit aid, live music works better.


I have noticed the same thing as Ken. Everything sounds so loud. I know my old units were not working correctly so I am going to give these a chance and put up with the noise. I have been told the same thing that Volusiano responded to scoper. I have tried the "Music At Home TV setting and it works very good. I have turned the volume down on the TV from 22 to 12 and can understand everything being spoken. Before, I could only understand bits of what was being said at a setting on the volume at 22. I will try to share my experience as time goes on. Have to say that COSTCO people are very good and was very thorough with the hearing test and setting up my hearing aids.


Picked up Zerena 9 miniRITE T two weeks ago upgraded form Verite had for 7 years.
The sound is richer and the tv streamer sound is much better. Everything is great except I have a parrot that makes my head ring. Transient noise reduction is set to max but I still have to set the volume down 2 notches when the bird is screaming. Are there any other adjustments that will not affect the regular sound?


If the Zerena is like its cousin the Sonic Enchant, have the Costco HIS look for a Compression control setting and change it from either Balanced or Max Audibility to Max see if maybe it’ll soften up that bird’s squawk, or at least not treat it as speech and raise up its audibility.


Thank you Is there something that can clip the max db the problem is the db is very high from the screaming.


You could maybe lower the MPO. That helped me a lot with loud noises.


get rid of the thing, you’ll be healthier in the long run


whether you measured frequency? ie 4000hz etc


The problem was solved with an adjustment to the HA. The “thing” is not a problem after the adjustment.