Costco advertising Phillips HearLink hearing aids in daily email updates

I get the (almost) daily Costco emails on sales and specials. In over a year I have never seen hearing aids listed, until today.

Here is the link to that email via a Costco web page. It is about halfway down the page, just below the “Black Friday TV deals” and next to wine glasses.

I just did a quick search and Costco seems to be the only source. Do you know if that’s correct? (I searched by several different zip codes). Also looking at Costco regular page price is the same.

Here is the Press Release on the Phillips, from April.

Posts there suggest this is a new brand from Demant, and replaces the Bernaphone at Costco. Demant is the parent company of Oticon, Bernaphone, Sonic, and Phillips.

The Philips brand seems to be new, so that might be why you do not find much info on it.