Cosi or APHAB

For the dispenser, do any of you use this questionaries, likes, dislikes?

For those who had been fittied by an Audi or His, has your provider use a

questionary, is this to overwhelming? As a client, how much is to much?

Hi xbulder

I was first fitted about 6 weeks ago, and the Audi did not use any questionnaire at all. In point of fact, he didn’t even bother to ask about my preferences, lifestyle or ability to pay. He just looked at the audiogram and recommended an instrument. :frowning:


I prefer the COSI- although sometimes I do not use the form perse. I think that every patient should have some specific goals that they want to accomplish with amplifcation and the COSI addresses those well.

I have used the PHAP, PHAB and APHAB (primarily in research) and if you read most of the studies out there, there is usually some line like “it is believed that the (insert test name here) is not sensitive enough to capture the differences seen on the objective measures…”

So… I like a more informal test, like the COSI.

is it worthwhile, do clients appreciate… etc

Honestly, I think the best test is the DNRHA test… Did Not Return Hearing Aids:D . I think that the COSI is a good tool for the dispenser to use to measure how well we have address the patient areas of concern. But I believe it (and most other measures) only take into account small aspects of overall hearing aid outcome. In my office, I offer patients a free trial period and no restocking fee. If that passes the DNRHA test, then both the patient and I feel like the fitting was a big success.:slight_smile: