Cordless phones with telecoil

Can anyone recommend a cordless phone that has a telecoil? I understand that several Gigaset models do but they seem a bit pricy for a landline phone. My old Phonak B-90s worked really well with the Phonak Dect phone and Compilot II and I’m hoping to be able to use the telecoil in my KS10s for a similar experience. My audi set my 1st manual program to be “phone via t-coil and mic” so I’m set on that end.

It’s actually just a magnet. The old phone receiver handsets with the old real speaker that come with a magnet are what activated the telecoil in the HA’s.
You could attach a little stick-on magnet near the area that has the new-fangled speaker and achieve the same thing.

Doesn’t the magnet just activated the program?

You still need to make sure that the phone has a telecoil option, otherwise it won’t work.


I also have my first manual program set to Phone via Telecoil for that same very reason.

Of course. The magnet “excites” the telecoil. The software in the HA sees that and receives the emitted signal from a loop or the sound from the speaker via the mics in the HA gets amplified into that HA and also copied across to the other side.

The HA’s need to have a telecoil and a program to do something with it either automatic by the magnet trigger or manually switching.
You can also manually just switch to that program and hold the speaker up to a mic and it will do the same thing.
Seems my HA’s aren’t set up that way. :slight_smile: I may need to retract that last sentence but I am quite certain that had been my prior experience. It’s not a function I use. I’m able to hear a phone speaker up against my ear as normal just fine un-aided.

I have a Panasonic wireless home phone system that my T-coils work with.


Oh right. You’re comment was a bit confusing as you don’t actually talk about a phone type, just that the OP needed a magnet.

The magnet is great until you actually move the phone 0.1mm and the program cuts out and then comes back on again.

Much better to actually have manual program.

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Thank you, cvkemp. Can I ask what model you have? I’m pretty sure that not all Panasonics have the telecoil.

I can’t speak for Clemons but I have the Panasonic KX-TGM430. Best phone for a tcoil that I have ever encountered wired or wireless.

As others have noted, check out the Panasonic phones. I have model (I think) KX-TFG770. These are the first portable hard-line phones I have been able to use in years. I used to tell people to call me back on my cell, which is pumped into the HA via Bluetooth. Now I can just answer my hardline and have a conversation. Love it.

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I have the Unitron Blu and the magnet does not activate the tcoil, the audi called Unitron and was told that rarely works on the new hearing aids and that you manually have to activate the phone setting on the hearing aids, which is a real pain. Does anyone know if the Phonak Paradise works the same or if the magnet will activate it. Supposedly the Unitron Blu and the Phonak Paradise are the same. My older Unitron Kiss model worked perfectly that way but not the Blu model.
I am using a Panasonic KX-TG7741C Base station/answering machine. The 5 Cordless phones say model KA-TGA470C, If that helps.

We have the Panasonic KX-TG994SK with handsets model KX-TGFA97 that work fine with my KS10.0T aids – but there is no automatic switching to the T-coil mode, even with a small magnet attached to the earpiece: I have to switch to the “Phone via T-coil + mic” program, which my HIS did not install, but I installed using the Target software.

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I haven’t gotten automatic switching either on my More1 aids. I don’t use the landline that often but I have a note on the phone to remind me to change programs on my aids to the t-coil program.

Yeah me neither with the KS10’s. I added the Acoustic phone program which works well enough. iirc my old KS7’s had the auto-switch. Not these.

What is your phone model number

I have the iPhone 13mini

Is there some secret my audiologist needs to do to make my More1 HA use telecoil with my telecoil cordless Panasonic phone? He put a telecoil program in my HA first time and had to
go back and have him tweak it but still not working

The only thing that I disliked is the fact I had to switch programs to the t-coil program instead of it being automatically used

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Did you have to put a magnet on your cordless phone?