Connexx / Rexton ( KS7 ) for newbie

So here we are…a new thread.
pvc indicated in another thread that for the first time using the program with the intent to connect your aids that you create a client and put in your audiogram.
After that then I gather one would hook up and detect the aids and I guess it’s then that you would see all the settings currently in your aids from the original audi. It’s here that I would focus on saving a copy as a session. Then I guess save again into another session so that you can mess around with that copy.
My question at this point is…would my own entered audiogram alter the imported programming to fit with my entered audiogram?

Then after I’ve tinkered around with my settings and uploaded them to the aids and give them a spin…if and when I go back to the audi and to remove any suspicion of my tinkering…I would just load up that original session and upload that back to the aids right?

Ah but then it occurs to me…the built-in logs would show that things are going on with the programming…right?
Would even the fact of connecting and looking at the programming and not make any changes make a log entry?


Fitting software (in general, I don’t use Connexx much) will give you the option of whether to proceed with settings from the database, or with settings from your hearing aids. Then you modify the settings that you have chosen. At the end of the session you can save the settings in the database, or in the hearing aids, or both.

Why are you worried about your Audiologist knowing what you are doing? Tell him/her that you want to try self adjusting. It’s not that unusual. In the unlikely event that you screw up the hearing aid settings, your Audi has a copy of the original settings.

Look for free Audiology Online Webinars for fitting software help.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I don’t yet know how they might feel about my tinkering with “their” device. Yes I know I paid my money and the devices are mine now but you know what I mean. I wonder if they would prefer to absolve themselves of liability if say I adjusted the volume to an ear-damaging level and the insurance provider tries to go back to them and blame them. Stupider blaming has succeeded in courts. McDonalds coffee.

So how does one gingerly tentatively go about wondering with their audi about how they might feel about self-adjusting without them getting into a complete snit? Would they simply say we won’t do anything else for you if you do that? Would they require a fee for returning the device to their original settings? Would they say they are no longer interested in helping me and kind of blacklist me? All of the above?

Should I just wait until they have done all they can and then go on to doing things myself? I’m technically inclined and like to tinker so self-adjusting is attractive. If I get a sense that they’re losing patience with me wanting things adjusted just so…then maybe then…I don’t know what’s best. Like many people, I’m an hour and a half from the store. So getting adjustments is a little bit of a time investment.

These things I wonder.

Just don’t save the settings into your HAs until you get over your timidness.

Thank you pvc. My timidness comes from not wanting to piss off the audi this early in my hearing aid history. And I’m not sure how to broach the topic without triggering a negative response.
Do you (or anyone) know if merely accessing and pulling down the aid settings will trigger a log entry of the fact that the aid was accessed?


I think I’ll wait and see what the audi thinks of a client playing around with self-adjusting.
Using pvc’s search terms led me to “data logging” topics.
Looking at the data logging in Connexx I see it only shows program usage stats (they only set up automatic initially on mine) and stats of switching between the several automatic sensing items. But if I were to monkey around in there then I would imagine the stats would reset and the audi would wonder what happened to the stats from the last visit thinking that they’re extremely low. Would I lie and say I barely used the aids? To what end? Or not bother ever showing up again other than warranty and do my own thing anyway.
I think I’ll wait. I’d still like to know about entering my own audiogram whether it would alter the downloaded programming, once downloaded, to match my audiogram.

You best bet would to learn how connexx really works…

Well that’s what I’m trying to do. I have wandered around Connexx extensively in the simulation mode. But that’s not detecting an external aid. So I can’t know what MIGHT happen until such time as I actually do it unless someone has experienced what I’m asking. And at this point I’m not willing to take that risk.
Say you put in a completely ridiculous audiogram. Then detect and download your audi-set-up aids. Will Connexx alter that downloaded program upon matching it with the entered audiogram? Of course the aids themselves won’t get overwritten until you upload the settings.

I’m guessing you have not looked into Audiology Online Webinars.

Y’know I signed up on that site a couple days ago and poked around a bit and looked for Rexton things and didn’t find much of anything. Nor much of anything to do with the Costco aids. Leaving me a little disappointed with the site as to how much use it would be for me. So your link to a Connexx video is great. Like a palm-smack on the forehead - right of course search for Connexx videos. Why didn’t I think of that? But my disappointment had already been set.
So thank you. I’ll view that this evening.

It’s free to view these courses. That is unless you want to receive educational/college credits.

So I checked out a couple of those videos. If I figure it right it looks like if a setting is not set to synch with aids like live updates and work with the programming locally then the aids wouldn’t get changed until uploading. So one could if they feel so inclined connect the aids and look at the settings and not worry about changing anything on them. Not sure that justifies the expense of all the gear but hey. I’ll still wait and see how my audi responds to gingerly asked inquires about self-adjusting.

Or you could ask the guy at Costco to go to the documentation tab and print some of the reports for you

I too was interested in self-adjusting the KS7, but my Costco audiologist told me he could lose his license if he let patients program their own hearing aids because they’re medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, a federal agency. And then Costco would fire him. He also told me the manufacturer will void the warranty if they learn the hearing aids were damaged due to improper fitting by someone who is not a licensed professional dispenser. So I decided the risk wasn’t worth it for me.

Interesting. My take is that you don’t need your audiologist’s permission to program your hearing aids. A lot of people’s go to reaction is to say “it’s against the law.” I also don’t know how they’d ever prove you were self programming. If you choose not to self program, you can still learn a lot about your hearing aids by downloading and becoming familiar with Connexx and listening to the videos

I realize that, but I like my audiologist and want to continue working with him, not go behind his back. I mean, would you drill your own teeth and then expect your dentist to fix them? If you were the professional, would you continue seeing a patient like that? I don’t think so. But to each his own.

There’s an interesting keyword there…“let”. I would have no expectation of being “let” to self-adjust. I just wonder what the downstream effects might be like liability or stopping being your service provider. Your dentist example is exactly the point.
I also very much doubt there’s a warranty problem with self-adjusting. The warranty is about the device…not the software. Sure…if you set the volume beyond the capability of the receiver and blew it out then sure now you have an affected piece of hardware. But then you’re not going to go beg for warranty coverage.

I’m of a similar mind. I don’t want to risk unknowingly incorrectly adjusting something to the point of damaging what’s left of my hearing. And I don’t yet want to risk the rapport with the audi. Being a technically inclined kind of person, I could easily foresee down the road when the aids have been well adjusted and settled into and I’m not seeing the audi for adjustments that then I might start playing around with self-adjusting just for kicks. Or perhaps if I’m not getting satisfaction in that meantime or feeling like they think I’m being too picky and asking too much of their time or something. Or of course once out of warranty.

I’m a retired RN and it’s my impression that most healt professionals will continue trying to work with patients even if they do things that aren’t too smart. Quitting medications without telling anybody, start taking supplements, start drinking again, etc. I don’t have anything directly to compare to programming a hearing aid, but I wouldn’t have an issue with it. Many on the DIY forum have a positive relationship with their audiologist. Mine didn’t encourage or discourage but found it fascinating and I’ve been able to share some things with her that she was unaware of.