Connexx 9 Fitting Software

Sure, good to see your all set with your programming device.

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Sorry I did not react yet. I have been away here for a bit as other things asked for my attention.
I see that pvc helped you out in the meantime and hope it worked for you.

Share please
The link so can we also get it.thanks in advance.

Well don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects.

I am also looking for Connexx Version 9. Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link to → How to read DIY School PDF files

Suggested DIY School help files;

  • 02 How to Program Your Hearing Aids
  • Choose Hardware-Programming Device for Signia
  • Noahlink Wireless - Instructions For Use

Greetings everyone,

This forum sure is an abundance of helpful information.

I would appreciate getting a link to download Connexx v9 to make some minor adjustments on a new set of Signia Styletto AX7 hearing aids. I have a Noahlink Wireless coming.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: My request for Connexx software has been fulfilled. Thank you to… you-know-who-you-are. :grinning:

Hello! Could anyone please provide me a link to the Connexx V9? :slight_smile: thank you very much in advance.

Welcome to the forum sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for your DIY projects.
What model of HAs are you using.

Check out the user guides as well, quite helpful.

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Thank you very much!!

Hi,I’ve the Insio 5AX, and want to add some mode the the program slots.
Please assist in providing link to the Connexx V9.

Welcome to the forum, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the Noahlink wireless programming device as well for DIY projects.

Check out the user guides as well, as these are very helpful.


I have paid 20$ for connexx 9 Fitting Software.
But, I cannot find the download link.
I have heard nothing from the site.

Hello @Tatsuo. Please check your private messages.

BTW. You should have not paid for the fitting software. It is free software !

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Hi there, yeah that’s not good, but as stated you should not pay for it as it’s freely available, but hopefully you’ll get everything sorted out, what models are you using?

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I have bought Orion Ric(left and right), Pure Micon 7mi Ric (left side) at ebay.
Micon 7mi is now in transit.

I will get a rufund with paypal.

Thank you.

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Ok then, Just to let you know you’ll need the ConnexxLink (possibly ConnexxAir will work?) for the Micon models, or HiPro/cables if you wanted to, but wireless programming is so much better.


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I’ve bought the ConnexxAir at AliExpress.
It’s not able to update hearing aids firmware.
That’s a problem.

Hi all.

I’m looking for Connexx 9.9 so I can assist my mother with her new Signias to save bothering our Audi.

Already got NoahLink as I have a set of Resound Omnia Customs and that’s handy to have with the software.

Can someone provide me with a download link to version 9. I have Signia 7NX. I also have a Noahlink will I be able to update the firmware that way? Thanks in advance.