Connecting to a TV with Phonak Nathos

Hi, does anyone know if the Phonak Nathos S+ M W (wireless) hearing aids can connect to modern TV? My father-in-law is having trouble hearing the TV clearly these days ? The hearing aid’s are supplied by the NHS.

You would need a Phonak TV Link S and a first generation Phonak ComPilot.

The TV Link II and ComPilot II won’t work with his hearing aids.

The Nathos S+ are based on the Spice platform that came out in 2011.


I don’t know where you are in the UK but have you contacted Sensory Team (part of social services)?

They funded me a TV Loop System, Bone Condiction Landline, flashing and vibrating fire alarm, flashing door bell and vibrating alarm clock.

Or you could buy a Loop System from here and that would work with any future update of NHS aids.

The issue with getting the Phonak ComPilot system is when he upgrades his Aids with the NHS, he’ll have to replace the ComPilot system.

Thanks for the great information. I have spoken to his Audiologist and have him booked in for a new hearing test, they said they will replace his current hearing aid with a more modern one that will be Bluetooth compatible so that will hopefully mean more options available.

Ooo he might be getting the new Phonak Nathos Nova which has Bluetooth classic in it and is also rechargeable. :slight_smile: That’ll be good.