Connecting Marvel 70 to Roger On iN


As most of you already know I got a pair of Marvel 70 SP via eBay. There was no warranty.
I was wondering if I get Roger On iN, will I be able to connect it to the hearing aids or not?

I’d like to make sure there will be no issue, especially considering that I already have trouble connecting them to myPhonak app and Bluetooth. A member here helped me with that issue before but after taking them off, they got disconnected again and I’m not able to re-connect them.

Thank you!

Yes, marvel are Roger ready. That means they will accept the licences from an On In.

@Zeeza As long as the Roger comes with the licenses. It is likely you could use a utility to restore the licenses if they’ve already been installed somewhere else, but it is better to have them there to install in your aids from the get-go.


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What phone are you using? What have you done to try to reconnect?

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What is a utility in this context, please?

Oppo A94 4G - I named the hearing aids on Target, disconnected and reconnected them on myPhonak and bluetooth.

UPDATE: I deleted the app and redownloaded it. I was able to connect the hearing aids to the app and Bluetooth. I hope this issue will not persist every time I take off my hearing aids, otherwise it will be annoying and time-consuming.

Roger Upgrader

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Thank you, @WhiteHat! :))

If you renamed the HA in Target, you need to do a fresh pairing with your phone.

  • open blueooth and delete all three devices
  • then pair the three devices again

First open battery dooors on both HA

  • Pair Right HA
    - close battery door on right HA and wait 15 seconds until the HA started
    - search for bluetooth devices
    - klick on the new found device
    - accept pairing

  • Pair Left HA
    - close battery door on left HA and wait 15 seconds
    - search for bluetooth devices
    - klick on the new found device
    - accept pairing

If one device is not found → perform the steps again

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