Connecting Hearing aids to Smart TV


I have a pair of Siemens Pure PX 5 & Easytek and would like to know if anyone has been able to connect their easytek directly to Samsung Smart TV without the TV Transmitter device ?

Or connect to their Samsung phone and then be able to connect to the hearing aids ?

I would like to listen to the TV through my aids

Wondering what other Makes of hearing aids that can connect directly to a smart TV



It should connect to the EasyTek, as any Bluetooth device should. I can’t say if it will work as well as the tv transmitter, or be as convenient to start and stop. The HA manufacturers TV transmitters do a really good job, but if you have the Bluetooth device for your brand then the Bluetooth tv should connect and work fine.


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When connecting your hearing aids (or streamer/tek) directly to your TV via bluetooth you normally have to deal with missing lipsyncs between audio and video. Common versions of the bluetooth-protocols take up to 300ms to transmit audio. Newer or specific versions of bluetooth (AptX) are much faster. But I doubt that the HA manufacturers implement them into their streamer or tek (or even into the HA).
The TV-connectors made by the HA-manufacturers themself use proprietary changes of the bluetooth protocol to implement fast audio transmits.


Personally, I agree with you. After a few of these discussions over the years, however, it seems that some people aren’t that sensitive to it. I’d say to the op, give it a go and see. I don’t have the Easytek so I can’t give you step-by-step advice. Refer to the manuals for the tv and tor the Easytek for pairing. Are you sure that the tv has Bluetooth Audio?


Yes. Set audio delay to 100 msec. Pick pcm instead of Dolby. If there is a choice for optimized audio, do NOT select it. Any additional sound processing by the tv will screw up the delay (latency). I was able to make the bluetooth connection equally effective as the FM transmitter. I have Pure, easytek, and Samsung Tv