Connecting HA with Bluetooth-Adapter?

Has anyone tried to connect a standard Bluetooth-Adapter at a TV with a HA (which is Mfi compatible)?

In my case, I tried to connect my HA Signia Motion NX with the adapter TC026 of avantree, but unsuccessful. I’m afraid it will never be possible unless you buy the expensive Streamline tv, or am I wrong?

The hearing aids don’t have a standard (‘Classic’) Bluetooth radio. So, no, it can’t happen.

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HAs that are MFI compatible only works directly with iOS devices and don’t work directly with standard Bluetooth devices.

If the HAs has an intermediate streamer option then this intermediate streamer will work as an interface between the standard Bluetooth device and the HAs.

So if you want to avoid buying an expensive TV adapter to your HAs which works via audio or Toslink optical connection, then you buy a standard Bluetooth adapter like you mentioned, AND the intermediate streamer and both of these can replace the TV Adapter.

The intermediate streamer may be just as expensive as your TV Adapter, but at least it’ll work with any standard Bluetooth device (while your TV Adapter won’t). The trade-off is a clunky intermediate streamer you’ll have to wear around or neck or clip on your shirt or in your pocket.

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In theory. The problem is latency. To guarantee success, the streamer and the intermediate device should both support a low-latency codec AND the intermediate device should not introduce appreciable extra latency when it transcodes the Bluetooth audio into whatever secret format is sent to the aids. Too much latency means the audio and video get out of sync and/or the audio that the hearing aid wearer gets through his aids is out of sync with the audio that comes out of the speakers in the tv. The first case is disconcerting, the second sounds really bad.

I bugged Cliff, the Hearing Tracker Youtube reviewer, about whether the AptX Low Latency codec is supported in the Oticon Connect Clip 3. Oticon eventually supplied the answer which was ‘no’. According to Oticon, if you want a latency-free experience, buy their tv streamer. If I ever find my Avantree streamer, I’ll hook it up and test. I have tested a headset that supports the AptX low-latency codec versus headsets that don’t and it was night-vs-day difference.

Great point! …

I have found that even inexpensive, low-latency transmitters work well and sync to speech without a noticeable delay. I have one that was under $30 that works well.

I bought the Avantree TC418 and connected optically to TV. The Avantree negotiated the SBC codec with the ConnectClip. I do not notice any lipsync problems though. I do not use the TV speakers.