ConnectClip issues


If you have the Oticon ON app installed to can check your firmware rev. Go into the information page and tap on the picture of the hearing aids. That will bring up the firmware revision number and hearing aid serial numbers.

Here is an old picture from before I updated the firmware. Mine now show 6.0 Software.


After installing the app, I found that my aids aren’t paired. How can I pair them?


By which I mean they aren’t paired to each other. This is probably because my right aid was defective and was replaced but never repaired with the left one


Use this guide. Instructions for pairing with the iPhone and Android are on pages 7 through 13.

opn-re-pairing-guide.pdf (6.2 MB)


My problem is that the left hearing aid and right hearing aid aren’t paired with each other. They individually pair with connectclip, but since the left aid doesn’t see the right one and vice versa, they never pair with connect clip concurrently


I’m going to hazard a guess here and bet that your hearing aids are at two different firmware revisions. Can you see one aid at a time in the Oticon ON app?

Regardless, I think this will require a trip back to your Audi to have him check out your aids and ConnectClip.


The hearing aids pair to each other when they are detected by the Genie programming software during the initial programming.

You can’t pair them without the software. You will need to take them back to your Audi to have him check them out for you.