ConnectClip issues

All I got a ConnectClip a few days back and I am having an issue:

  • Connectclip connects to just one hearing aid (I hear volume out of only one hearing aid at a time)
  • I had the latest firmware (V5+) put on the other day
  • I have tried:
    • Battery refresh and repair the BT connection
    • Reset the pairing (10 seconds with all three buttons) on the connectclip
    • If I repair it seems to attach to the “first one found” based on my reboot.

It all seems to work really well (pairing with my phone, etc), but just with one hearing aid.

Thanks for any suggestions, Tim

I have done my test.
Quick summary: 1. It is Apple’s LTE antenna interference problem. 2. Don’t use Windows 10.

I have done two tests.

  1. Call my friend with iPhone by 5G Hz WiFi. No problem. Just my friend’s voice was soft and I had to adjust iPhone volume to highest.
    Conclusion: CC won’t interfere with opn. It is iPhone LTE interference when you make phone call. It depends on what model you use (different carriers use different bands. So maybe Verizon’s iPhone doesn’t have
    problem but AT&T’s iPhone has problem. )
  2. Call my friend with Windows 10 PC by 5G Hz WiFi. I can never hear his voice. It is Windows 10’s playback devices management problem. Windows 10 shows CC as two devices: one is headphone, another is hand free headphone. Calling works on hand free headphone but Windows 10 can’t stream sound to it. Music playback works on normal Bluetooth headphone and it can work. I don’t blame Oticon. Microsoft just can’t keep their software quality these days.

In both situation, CC’s microphone works perfectly.

I had the same problem but solved it. Initially I tried several times pairing but can only pair with one opn.
My suggestions:
1, On your iPhone, forget your hearing aids and repair it. You should always do this after a firmware update or there would be problems. After I did this, my CC can find both hearing aids.
2, if that can’t solve your problem, keep every Bluetooth device away as far as you can when you pair your CC with your HAs.

I faced a similar issue this morning in pairing, in which I could hear audio through one or the other hearing aids but not both. I held down the A (multi-function button) and the up volume button for six seconds, and then open/close the battery doors of both hearing aids to turn on the boot sequence/pairing mode. It took me six tries, but after that I was able to pair both simultaneously. I also verified the pairing of both aids in Genie in which the Connect Clip diagram showed two radio waves instead of one radio wave, a wave for each hearing aid pairing.

So the LTE interference problem is Apples problem With the CC?

That is my guess. I don’t have experimental data to support my idea.

When I got my opn, only calling via LTE would have this problem. I googled it and found some BMW owner complaint the same issue:

Then iOS updates solve everyone’s problem.

LTE actually doesn’t use 2.4G Hz. It is just some bands of LTE are closed to 2.4G Hz
On the contrary, 2.4G Hz WiFi and 2.4G Hz Bluetooth share the same frequency and the interference sometime can be severe.

You can download an app that will display band activity. You can tweak your WiFi device to operate on a least used band. This however can change in a moment by a reboot of your WiFi device if it is in the default setup. That looks for an available area in the band. You can also change the default and have it operate in a specific band using your program access – something like on your browser.

Phones, laptops, tablets etc. can only attach to the frequency defined for WiFi. BT is another service but is like the above but you don’t have access to band assignment. You have to hope it picks a clean band that isn’t getting bleedover from an adjoining band or from a harmonic.

If all that works well, no problems. But with something like the BMW something is wrong beyond interference. Something wasn’t implemented properly – design flaw. So Apple tweaked something that ignored the error branching that was happening because of that. It was the easy fix. Recalling BMWs would have been the hard one.

For opn and iPhone VoLTE calling, I personally believe it is interference because that happens and only happens in VoLTE calling.

For Bluetooth interference, environmental interference doesn’t affect as much as interference from the same antenna. Bluetooth LE is especially vulnerable to interference because its power emission is the smallest among all protocols.
IPhone has two external antenna (up and down) to send directional beam and to circumvent your hand when you hold your phone. One way to solve the interference is to put Bluetooth LE on one antenna and LTE on another antenna in sacrificing directionality. I believe Apple has found better algorithm to address this.

I had more time to try some different things… With the assumption that 2.4Ghz wifi was stepping on the CC bluetooth signal. I made some changes to my network router… I created a 5ghz wifi, and connect my iPhone to that now… I had success now with a working CC. I will continue to test, but im hopeful that this may be a viable workaround…

Thanks for sharing this. It’s great to know if this is a viable workaround.

I just got a ConnectClip for use with my office phone, which is bluetooth capable. Seems ok but ONLY if I turn bluetooth on my iphone off. If I leave the OPNs paired to both the iphone and the ConnectClip, sound quality on the ConnectClip is awful.

[UPDATE] It’s a little better with iPhone bluetooth turned off, but still almost unusable. I tried it for a call and had to give up within a couple of minutes due to complaints about distortion.

Anyone have any newer suggestions than in this thread?

I also have this issue. I have gave up until Oticon or Apple comes out with an update that resolves this… Im hoping that the upcoming f/w update being released in Genie 2008.2 for the CC (1.1) will help


Thanks. I’m assuming I’ll need to go to my audiologist to get that firmware update if I keep the device that long? Arrggh since I bought it online.

Just set up ConnectClip today to work with a Polycom 601 phone. Was able to pair and call. I hear the number beeps as I dial very well in my HAs, but the voices of the people talking to me are very faint.

Phone volume is adjustable in Genie by your audiologist.

See here:

Does it seem like almost all connectivity problems are iPhone related?

Got it setuo yesterday for a Polycom VOIP phone and works well.Volume could be a tad louder. Had to disable BT on my iPhone

no matter how many times I repair with the aids and then my phone, I only ever get sound on the right side. I have enough trouble hearing with both ears, given that, like all of us, I have hearing aids to begin with.

Do you have firmware rev 6 on your OPN and rev 1.1 on your ConnectClip? Those firmware versions were released in August of this year. My ConnectClip has been rock solid since I did the upgrade. Also, it fixed a problem with my aids rebooting every time I sneezed or my dog barked in the house.

If your not a self programmer you will need to ask your Audi to flash them for you.

I just got the connectclip this week and assume it must have the latest version of FW, but the hearing aids are a bit over a year old. How can I access the FW on the aids to even know what version it is, let alone to update it?