Confused about Phonak programming cables

I’m confused about Phonak programming cables. The cable chart below shows Phonak programming cable CS44A for many of the Phonak BTEs.

Sorry, the picture was lost.

The CS44As plug directly into receptacles on the hearing aids.

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For other non BTE hearing aids the chart shows (Size 10a, Size 312, Size 13) depending on the battery size. What the heck are those. Are they flex strips? If they are flex strips do you attach the flex strip onto the end of a CS44A cable?

OR… Is it four different cables?
CS44As for BTEs
CS44 for Size 10A battery
CS44 for Size 312 battery
CS44 for Size 13 battery

Sorry, the picture was lost.

I’m sure you looked at the cable guide in the software. Short of your pic and the guide I have not seen them but the guide says you remove the battery door before inserting. It looks as though the plug end is a battery pill type of attachment, the door has to be removed for it to fit in. Each size battery is a different cable. The guide does not show one cable plugging into 3 different size battery inserts(pills)…
just how it appears to me. shan

Thanks shan!! No, I keep forgetting to look at the cable guide in the software. :o

Yep, I agree with you. It looks like one cable CS44A for the BTEs. And then one cable for each battery size (Size 10a, Size 312, Size 13) for the other non-BTE style hearing aids.

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That’s right - for the ITE’s use the battery pills depending on battery size (carefully removing the battery drawer) - the pill leads are usually quite short, and you can obtain a neck loop from phonak that plugs into your HiPro and then the pill leads can plug into this - is a much tidier way of doing it.

I have all but stopped using leads for Phonak now as the iCube wireless programming is absolutely fantastic, makes the connection much quicker and gives you more time to programme the aids. I’ve even take people outside whilst still connected as the range is great!

Thanks ABnnnn;
The pill leads (or cables with different size pills on the end) do seem cumbersome compared to the wireless iCube.

Though, the iCube doesn’t seem to be an option for CICs, ITCs, and for older non-wireless models.

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Where I can buy cable CS-44A for Najda V SP? How much money is it?Tanks!

:)Where I can buy cable CS-44A for Najda V SP? How much money is it?Tanks!

Ask the sellers of programming equipment such as the Hi-Pro.

I have oticon programming cable which is CS44, I am going to rewire it to program my new Phonak Naida V hearing aids, but I am not sure how they need to be wired, I have seen somewhere the pins are switched but the instruction were not clear, can some of you confirm which pin from mini DIN connector going to which pin at hearing aid connector ? thank you

I am adding this link (Click-> HERE) where this question is discussed. This is just a reference for future readers.

where from do you buy these thıngs? Can I buy them from Ebay ?

yeah, they are on ebay, also on the net I believe I saw them on some site caled something like hearingaidselfhelp or similar, jus google it , if you are interested I have pair of Oticon #3 cables for sale, send me a PM

I am going on a month with my duals and I still love them; my only problem is that I still have not gotten my 10mm open domes, and I do not have the ear grips to hold the reciever in the canal. So I am constantly pushing the reciever back in. I am going to the VA and do a walk in to see if I can get something done.