Concha lock size for Hansaton Sorino X-Mini

Hi all, hoping someone more knowledgeable than I can advise how to find the correct size lock I need for my aids. My audi is closed due to Covid and I need to get some from ebay asap. They come in small and medium and supposedly the size is marked on my receiver, but when I remove the click dome and the old broken lock, nothing but shiny metal, no markings, printing, or stamping. I am an engineer and have a micrometer and digital calipers and can measure my receivers. My receivers are rectangular and measure .115 x .135 or if metric, about 2.9mm x 3.4mm

Just a guess, they should be the same size as the receiver.
Like S, M, P.

Thanks, but that’s my problem, I dont know what size receivers i have.

It’s labeled on the side of the receiver.
Like 1XM or 2XS or 0XP
The first number is the length of the wire.
The last letter is the size receiver.

At a guess, M? Does this help?


Thanks for the pics. Mine look like the small in comparison. The rectangle on mine is not much larger than the diameter where the click dome connects. Thanks again

Looking at your audiogram I would guess you need M or P receivers but a picture is great.

My aids are Hansaton and about 4 years old so my hearing has continued to decline. So these receivers where fine when I first got them but are now maxed out. My audi no longer carries Hansaton due to a ownership change and has been reluctant to upgrade me. Of course she is willing to sell me a new pair. I’m saving for some Costco aids and should have them later this year. Thanks again for the info

Here are a few pics…

Looks like a M should fit.

Thanks for your time

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