ComPilot replacement battery

Does anyone know where a person might purchase a replacement battery for a ComPilot?
The battery is: Model #AE482539P
Lithium Polymer Battery
3.7 V 450mAh
It’s just a 1 ¼ x 1/8 x 7/8 , three wire (one wire for the thermistor) with a plug in connection.
It would be quite easy to replace if one could find a source to buy the replacement battery.

If you have “Batteries Plus Bulbs” stores in your area, I would try there. I took apart an old shaver once that had rechargeable batteries that were sort of an oddball form factor, and they actually had replacements. I’m sure there are places online as well, but they can be hard to find. Good luck!


How long did the original last before it stopped recharging correctly?

You might send a message to Connevans. They are a great source for repair part, and have replacement batteries for many devices, although I did not see the ComPilot listed.

They are in the UK, but have reasonable prices and shipping.

Their email address is:


There was a thread on this Forum a couple of years ago about replacing the battery in an Oticon streamer with an Ipod battery from Amazon. It was also 3.7 V and similar amp-hours. I got one of these: and only recently installed it (long story why it sat 2 years) - and it works like a charm.

You sound quite competent - my knowledge of electricity is mostly about how to avoid getting a shock - so I think you will be in good shape if you can find an Ipod battery on Amazon that is the correct size and shape.

I took the dead battery out of my Compilot I; it has these specs:

I’m not a super accurate measurer…

MM 38.15X 23.5 x 3.75
IN 1.5 X .9 X .125
3.7V 450mAH 1.67Wh

Part Numbers: IP462539 lithium polymer
also this is on the battery: MH47577

I will likely order the battery that BoCat used…it doesn’t show an end connector…not sure how to work that out…maybe some soldering or splicing??
I got lucky and had a screwdriver bit that worked…2 screws and I got it out.
Costco wants $135 to send it off for a “refurb”…and I have to renew my membership according to the Costco person…so about $200.
I found a battery on Interstate Battery’s website with the same voltage/ mAh/Wh…same length and width…but too thick. I called them…no luck.
This is one hard to find battery!

Way off the subject…but…If I could have gotten closed captioning working on a “smart” TV, I wouldn’t have needed the Compilot. A lot of searches showed me that the TV will not do CC for Netflix movies…but a laptop will(maybe I could synchronize the movie with the laptop and do CC on the laptop?) , so will a ROKU $49, or an Amazon Fire TV stick…or other devices. All of these are cheaper than sending the Compilot back to Phonak through Costco. (But I’m trying BoCat’s battery solution.)

Did you ever find a solution for your ComPilot battery? I am also now looking for one for my wife’s ComPilot I


I’m trying to find one too.

I would not try to replace the lithium ion battery in ANY device unless I knew for certain that it was the Exact same battery. LI-ion batteries and power supply mismatches can result in explosions and fires – - not good if it is hanging around your neck and under a flammable shirt …

Hi everyone
I have found the original battery to ComPilot

You can order them here directly in China
Do not order this offer in China! The cable is too long and the plug is a wrong one!
I have removed the link, sorry for the circumstances…

You better order the offer on ebay below …

a provider on eBay

I hope I could help !
Kind regards Andy

I had no luck finding this battery in the US. My hearing aid supplier was not helpful at all - just send it to Phonak for repair approx $150!

I did find this exact battery (Model #AE482539P) on AliExpress direct from China here:
The price includes free shipping to the USA - but it does take about a month to get.

Hope this helps someone.

Sorry but that’s not the same battery, it does not fit the ComPilot!
You have to read above in the post and you look at the photo it is wrong!

Has anyone had any success in the last year finding a source for the ComPilot II battery yet?

Just wondering, how long did the original batteries last in the Compilot l and Compilot ll before they wouldn’t hold a charge?

My Compilot II since 2016 is still doing well, use it every day for notifications and phone. It’s my iCube II that the battery got ruined because I left it on for weeks unknowingly. It uses the same battery.

If you use a USB cable to the computer, it won’t matter that the battery doesn’t work as it’ll take its power from the computer. My iCube battery doesn’t work as well.

I just went through the exercise of trying to find a replacement battery for a Com Pilot II. Phonak will not provide them, only sell a new unit for $300 or recondition for $275. Not much of a choice. I found a nearly identical battery on Ebay. 3.7V 450mAh 1.67Ah. Only problem was the connector was out the side and a different type. I solved the problem by removing the connector from the old battery and moving it to the new battery. Soldering is required. This may not be for everyone. At this point I am trying to get a manufacturer to put the correct connector on this battery. I will post again when I know more.

My Costco Compilot2 was $90-something.

Thinking it was time to get a standby battery for my existing one thats nearly four year old I decided to buy a spare. I thought one would be ready available. Not a chance!
I messaged Connevans here in the UK to ask them if they supplied it. They replied that the manufacturer doesn’t allow it to be sold and can therefore only be supplied as part of a repair service of the compilot with a charge of £76.75 !

Has anyone managed to find one? I can solder the wires to the connector in the unit if the connector is the wrong one.

Hi same deal trying to source battery ++hours
finally found physical size ish > m.amps :slight_smile:
but will have to resolder old lead
i will post if success or not
from ebay spain i’m in uk

This worked !!! But i replaced the new the battery circuit protection board with the one from the original battery