ComPilot pairing with Audeo Marvel

Does anyone know if the ComPilot and RemoteMic are able to work with the Audeo Marvel hearing aids? Not able to afford the new RogerOn or TV streamer but was able to buy ComPilot for 30$. Not sure if the technology is too old or user error.

No I don’t believe so, but you don’t actually need these if you have the Marvel platform, they are direct streaming from your Bluetooth devices, mobile phone.
The tv connecter can be got for under $100 if you shop around on eBay.

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Mostly got it because it came with the remote mic, can’t afford even the prices for used microphones from eBay and such plus insurance won’t cover them at all. My tv also does not have any Bluetooth connectivity abilities.

Yeah I get what your saying, the Phonak stuff can be pretty expensive that’s for sure, as for your tv if doesn’t need bluetooth to work with the tv connecter, but again you’ll need to keep a watch on eBay for them to come up cheaper, there’s a MK1 TV connecter version as well, you could also use the original TVLink II that goes pretty cheap on eBay, Unitron version as well will work.

I have the TvLink S base, would the ComPilot 2 possibly work with my hearing aids or would I need to buy something completely different. I might be able to figure out the tv connector sometime in the future but I was very much hoping to get a microphone for lecture/work meetings and such. Are there any recommendations that could work? I have the Marvel 30-312T.

No the compilot won’t work on Marvel HAs, however there was a bluetooth microphone from Phonak, but yeah that wasn’t such a great device, so I’m thinking the Roger accessories for you, I’ll tag a couple of forum members who are very helpful on the accessories for Phonak.

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Buy a Phonak Partner Mic on eBay which will work with your HAs.

I bought mine for $75.

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I have a tv link and phonak remote mic for Phonak Naida Quest from 2016 that connected to Compilot1. I use TV link now on Unitron Moxi Blu, which is almost the same as Phonak paradise. … It will work directly for you without compilot, it works for me.

I haven’t compared the TV link and remote mic with newer devices, so it’s hard for me to say how much technology has changed. But with the remote mic and TV link, I can do what I couldn’t do before, that I can set the sound balance on the hearing aid to be only from the microphone to avoid mismatched sound. Perhaps the new partnermic produces a faster sound to be at the same speed as the sound received by the hearing aid.

So can I just clarify that paradise will link directly to the old tv link base station?
How does it do that?

The TVLink S base station,remote mic, and ComPilot all work for me and connect to my phone but I just can not hear anything through my hearing aids.


You can’t hear anything because you have the wrong hearing aids for the ComPilot.


The TV Link works on Bluetooth so you just pair it with your hearing aids.

Some people have problem with audio delay tho.


Ah ok,thanks for clarifying. I’m very new to assistive listening tech and hearing aids in general. Luckily I was able to look around eBay and find a partnermic for around 50$.