ComPilot II Died

I have been using my ComPilot II since last October (2014) and it suddenly died yesterday while I was on my morning walk. I was listening to music from my smartphone and it just quit. I originally thought I had lost the signal on my phone, but that wasn’t the case.

It won’t pair to my phone or the TVLink and will not control my HA’s. And this morning I noticed it is flashing from steady red to steady green lights while sitting on it’s charger. It is green most of the time and occasionally it switches to red.

I’m returning to my audi Monday to ship back to Phonak since it is still under warranty.

Has anyone here had this experience?

It could be that you need to reset it.I had a similar expereince with my Compilot, kind of like it was “frozen”, I could not even turn i off. Look in the manual for reset instruction. It will also appear dead if the antenna in the lanyard breaks, which it does do from time to time if you wear it a lot.

Thanks for the reset tip, but that didn’t work either. It almost appears that the battery is dead and won’t charge. I’m thinking something is wrong with the internal power system.

We shall see when it gets back from Phonak.

My audi sent my ComPilot back to Phonak and they obviously agreed it was dead. They sent back a brand new one. It works great and one thing I have noticed is that the TVLink provides more volume than the original one. The old one I had to have the base volume turned up full and I don’t with this one. Maybe the original one wasn’t “right” from the start, but all is well now.

After using the replacement ComPilot for the past few days, the battery life per charge seems better than the original one. I know batteries do better after a few charge/discharge cycles, but this new one seems to last longer per charge than the original one even after only being in service for 3 days. I like it even better than the first one.

remember reading that the first compilot was prone to break easily if it got wet at all. I believe the compilot II is supposed to be more water resistant but I would not be surprised if moisture might have something to do with this.

I never got the first one wet other than sweat when I was on my almost daily walk. Who knows, maybe that was enough moisture?