ComPilot Button Problem: will programming fix?

My power supply went out on my new ComPilot soon after I got it. Even though the body was excellent, I had to send it all back for repair. Yesterday I received back a new power supply and a refurbished body (not my original). The big button won’t change aid programs regardless of pushing the side buttons to lock or unlock. On receiving a call, the big button answers, but won’t disconnect the call when through.

Since it’s VA I know they will simply say send it back and again after 4 or 5 weeks I’ll get another refurbished unit. Instead, is this stuff programmable in the ComPilot unit?

PS: I almost got a new switching power supply with the same outputs rather than sending it back. Now I wish I had.

The new ComPilot does need to be “grouped” with the hearing aids in order to use the remote control feature. You’ll have to visit your audi to get this done.

Please say more about this grouping. When I told the (very nice and generally helpful) VA lady it need to be grouped she defaulted to pairing and had no knowledge of grouping. Of course she is putting me in (a very long) line to see the audi again so I want to be absolutely sure that I understand it.

The compilot will answer the phone with the press of the large button, but not hang it up with another press. Is that normal for not being grouped? When I press it the second time I get a fast 3 beeps.

Also, my original compilot would change programs on my aids with a press of the button, but I could lock that out by pressing the two side buttons together. This one does not change programs and I can’t tell if it locks out.

The aids were grouped with the original compilot but this replacement came directly to me. Do individual aids need to be grouped? My compilot does link with the aids and does link with the phone. What does grouping do different?

Sorry I need more help but I have to be able to describe this to my audi as he isn’t very clear on the extra stuff. He did terrific on the new aids & compilot setup and I can hear well in most environments. It was only that stupid power supply that messed everything up.

Grouping is when the audi connects the hearing aids and the ComPilot together on his/her computer and then saves the currrent settings to the devices, thereby linking everything together. The ComPilot can then be used to change volume and programs on your hearing aids. Grouping isn’t required to answer or disconnect calls; that’s a Bluetooth feature. You might want to try pairing the ComPilot with your phone again.

yep, them VA folks ain’t too bright… how much more in taxes would you like to pay to shorten that line?

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yep, them VA folks ain’t too bright… how much more in taxes would you like to pay to shorten that line?

Doc Jake… I have received nothing but terrific service from the VA and have posted such. They are far and beyond superior to my civilian providers.

I was not being critical of the 4-5 week wait as it is reasonable. The local hospital is a dispenser of aids not a repair facility. If there is a mechanical issue they default to sending it to repair shop, which also receives thousands of similar jobs constantly. Of course there is a que as they work their load. I accept that as reasonable since but also spoke of the normal delay. I said “Since it is the VA…” because if I took it into my local provider they would have tested it out right then and replaced the power supply. I considered that but because it was the compilot, not the aids I could do without and didn’t complain about the wait.

I know these are troubling times for the VA as they work through the horrific headline issues, but my issues are not involved and I was not intimating they were. It is unfortunate you took it as such. It was clearly not my intention.

Rasmus is (of course) right about the grouping. I had it done with my ComPilot. You can also turn off the announcement voice and have beeps instead, or turn down the hearing aid’s microphones (or off) when streaming, as well as change the volume of your own voice feeding back to your ears. I find it much easier to understand calls with the aid’s microphones turned off so i’m not mixing in background sounds on my Q90s. Hope your appointment comes sooner.

By the way, I sometimes plug the ComPilot into my computer via USB cable to charge, and sometimes use an old Blackberry charger I had kicking around. It doesn’t seem to need any special amperage to charge.