ComPilot - beep notification but vocal caller ID?

So, I had my ComPilot set up to tell me who is calling. The problem is… when the phone would connect (such as for a text message or email) it would tell me “ComPilot 2003716” or some part thereof. I had my audi change it back to beeps… but now I’ve lost my caller ID.

The caller ID isn’t a deal breaker, but it would really be nice if I could keep the beeps, and only have the voice notification for the caller ID.

Do any of you programmer types out there know what settings we need to get it to work the way I think it should? Phonak couldn’t figure it out either. They wanted me to do something along the lines of turning off the ringer on my message notifications. I still need to hear those.

This is probably another of my “unrealistic expectations”, so if it won’t work, it won’t work. But there’s no reason I can’t be persistent, until I’ve exhausted all options, right?

Thanks in advance!

So, in warning only setting (minimal) compilot tell his full name? To bad he wont tell that in binary code…

I suppose they will fix it in next target or firmware for compilot. Its useless if he talk to much unnecessary informations…

What a fail from engineer department.

I have to agree about it being a failure from the engineering department. For what it’s worth, I have an android phone, at least until early June, when Sprint will let me upgrade to an iPhone. It may be that they weren’t expecting anyone to still be using an HTC Evo. shrug

I still have my EVO on Sprint with unlimited data and love it. You couldn’t pay me enough to use an iPhone even if I don’t get voice announce for calls.

I also have a Thunderbolt on Verizon and hate it. I can’t understand why people like Verizon. I have a G1 on ATT and can’t even get that to pair with my car’s bluetooth.

I will be getting my HAs tomorrow and a ComPilot if they had one in stock otherwise temporarily an iCom loaner). I will let you know if I or my audi can figure out how to do voice announce on an EVO.

I haven’t updated my EVO to Gingerbread as I have been planning to root it and put a Cyanogen mod on it. What version Android are you running?

Android version 2.3.3

I like the Evo, but there are some glaring limitations - like the fact that the phone itself only has about 330 MB of space for apps… some of which came preinstalled and I absolutely do not want (like Nascar and football, for example), and the constant freezing and random rebooting. I love the navigation program (except when we got out of any cell coverage in north carolina and there were no maps at all of the road we were lost on.)

I refuse to root my phone. It voids the warranty and could leave the phone as nothing more than a useless brick, and I’m not sure I’d be able to un-root it if something went wrong that I needed Sprint to help me with.

Sprint just needs to make the phone operate in a less annoying way - let me move everything to the SD card, let me delete the non-system apps that I don’t want anyway, etc.

My audi doesn’t keep any of the accessories in stock - everything must be ordered, but it comes in usually within about 2 days.

I do look forward to hearing if you’re able to get it to work. I use the woodblock ringer for text, and the facebook pop for emails (since those are the most non-distracting sounds on the phone.) Now that I had her put the phone to “beeps” only, it does the “connecting to bluetooth” sound if one of those sounds plays, and there’s a certain in-ear ringtone for when the phone is ringing. I just wish I could keep everything like that, but have the voice tell me “Call from - (name)”. If not, it is NOT a deal breaker. But I don’t want to hear “ComPilot 23367001” every time my phone chirps softly.

Thanks for listening - I’ll be waiting to hear from you. :slight_smile: What HA’s did you say you were getting?

Getting rid of the bloatware is a very good reason to root. However I have a 32GB microSDHC card and with the Android version you have most apps can be installed to the card rather than the phone memory. Unfortunately you can’t get rid of the bloatware unless you root it.

If you root it correctly and save your original ROM you can go back assuming the phone still works and if it doesn’t they probably can’t tell anyway. Besides I believe there is a law that says you can root your phone although the carriers will try to tell you it violates their TOS, but the law trumps their TOS but if you can’t un-root it, you will probably have to argue it if they discover you have rooted it. Are you buying the Sprint equipment insurance?

I wasn’t aware that the ComPilot is supposed to have a feature to do voice announce so thanks for the tip. I will check it out and post back here.

I use my phones mostly for data and get few phone calls and close to zero text messages. I have tried BT headphones but stopped using them. The only BT I now use is connect to my car’s speakers and the caller ID shows on the dash LCD. Other than when I am in the car, to answer the phone I have to take it out of my pocket and can then see who’s calling so voice announce did not seem that handy.

So I got my ComPilot today.

I heard the “ComPilot 2003716” when setting it up and pairing, but have not heard it since.

It announces the incoming phone call number (but not the name from my phone book) only - no “ComPilot 2003716”.

I just sent myself a text message and at first did not hear anything. Not a problem for me as the only ones I get are from my carrier as my family and friends are more into voice calls and emails.

Anyway then I changed my phone’s setting to notify on getting a text message. My phone notified my and now my ComPilot also says “ComPilot 2003716”

I see my audi next week and will ask. She is very sharp.

I think Sprint now uses text to send emergency alerts and I would like to get those. I don’t really mind if it says “ComPilot 2003716”