Compilot Air 2 not turning off and battery won't die

Hello! It seems I might have messed up somewhere down the line but I cannot seem to get my compilot air 2 to turn off. I been trying to play some music through spotify but for some reason no audio is coming out of it, even tho I always used this compilot air 2 and it works. I can press the main button and the volume keys and I do change the mode and audio level but no bluetooth audio. The compilot air 2 has been sitting on my desk for nearly 12 hours without turning off either.

So have you confirmed you have it paired it to your phone?
What model of Phonak HA are you using.

Of course I made sure it was connected, the hearing aids Phonak Audéo™ B. It always worked until today.

Ok so just to confirm that the blue light on the compilot Air lights up when its connected to your phone.
Did you also check that you have media and calls switched on in Bluetooth settings.

Or just unpair and repair it to your phone.

I still don’t get this part, what do you mean?

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Sorry about that should have been clear, I tried to turn it off by switching the switch the off side like always but for some reason it wont switch off it stills is blinking green, it has been like that for over 12 hours now, and the batter wont die either for some reason. I tried to connect it to both my laptop and my phone and the light does not turn blue like it usually does either. Nor does it say “Bluetooth Audio” as well.

You may need a firmware update done via the Target software for the ComPilot Air.

You can also factory reset the Air via Target software which may help as well.

Have you reset it via this way? :point_down:

Oh hang on, think Altho I type in ComPilot Air II, the above picture is for the standard ComPilot II.

I’m sure there’s a way of resetting the Air as well.

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Thanks for the response, I downloaded the target software but I need to connect my compilot air 2 via USB which I sadly do not have, it still has not even turned on either.

USB cable is super cheap!

This cable came with the Compilot Air device when new.

My compilot air 2 is on and I have it connected to my phone, but I cannot hear any audio, I connected it to my laptop and its the same thing. The light just keeps flashing green. I also cannot seem to turn it off as well, when switching it from on to off and vice versa absolutely nothing happens. It was working perfectly before. It has been on for well over 12 hours as well now.

Well this is obviously the switch, it should click nicely between on and off, when on the green light will come on and red when turning off, but just wondering how you have been charging it, if you don’t have the USB cable?

You can clear the pairings in target for the compilot Air if you wanted, but again you need the cable, I think you have an problem with the device itself.

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that is what I am wondering, because I got a charger with it, but its a charger with the adapter with the wire, so I cannot use the wire to plug it into my computer but I can charge it. I been charging it every night before I go to sleep. Now its blinking a red light and for some reason I can not find anything about a blinking red light.

Page 35 and 36 might answer your questions.