Compatibility of Bernafon Brite and Oticon Delta

I’ve had Oticon Delta has for 2 years and recently lost one (past warranty and foolishly, no insurance) and am considering replacing it with a Bernafon Brite. The audiologist who tested my hearing recommended against getting 2 different types but the technology seems like it might be comparable, and in my brief testing of the product in a stroll around Costco and some conversation they seemed ok together. The hearing aid specialist at Costco wasn’t sure about it. I guess I could order it and then if it didn’t work longer term return it but if it doesn’t make sense I won’t do it. The Brite cost is $1700 (vs $3000 for a new Delta): that’s why I’m inclined to try it. Thanks for any informed input.

I will just wait…

Oticon anounce (1 week or so ago)
they will introduce something call the DUAL in w, wx and V
a mix between the delta and epoq
and then 3 more products., in one of the slides shows it was hinted that the delta would lower the price

so I would wait till the EUHA, couple of weeks till the noiucement will be made