Comparison between Nucleus 6 and 8

Hello, I tried to look for a comparison between Nucleus 8 and Nucleus 6. There is something here
Mainly in the hearing difference, I want to know and if the battery life is really longer

8 details:
cochlearimplantcomparisonchart_v12.4c.pdf (392.3 KB)

6 details:
cochlearimplantcomparisonchart_v6-0e.pdf (271.8 KB)


Something I have read from those who have worn both are they are very similar in sound. The big difference is wireless Bluetooth technology.

I wear an N8 with compact batteries. I wear it 12+ hours a day, and do very little streaming. I still have 60% of my battery left at the end of the day. I can’t help you with a standard battery or disposable batteries.

I did read the N6 isn’t being sold any more, I think they are still making spare parts for the N6 though.