Compare the Siemens and Rexton Line

Trying to confirm the similarity or differences between Siemens and the Rexton line.
How does the Siemens Binax 5bx and the Siemens Binax 7bx compare to the Rexton Emerald S 60 4C.
I currently have the Rexton Emerald S 604C RIC on trial and am not that all impressed. I’ve had them a couple weeks, a few adjustments and not convinced I hear much better than with my old Siemens BTE. My independent seller / fitter tells me the Rexton Emerald S60 4C is a better HA than either Siemens I mention. The pricing she is quoting me is about $2000. higher than the prices I see for the Siemens HAs as priced from some on line sellers. The on line seller pricing includes local fitting with follow up visits. No holdback $ if I don’t keep them.
Is she right? Is the Rexton a better HA, $2000. better?

The Rexton is a Siemens with slightly fewer features and slightly different programming. It should sell for something less than the comparable. You might want to consider a different source as it is Siemens second line.

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Thanks. This is the type information I was looking for. Trying to keep the HA fitter, dispenser in line. I hate being “sold”.