Commercial two way radios

Does anyone know if there is an option for a commercial two way radio like a Motorola to BT so I can use with my phonak i-com? We use these in the maintenance dept. of a state university hospital, I can’t wear the earpiece because of the aids and they (upper brass) don’t like me running around open speaker with the radio.
Jim M

I don’t suppose the radio has a jack for an earphone or headset?

If yours does, it may be possible to use your hearing aids’ T-coil setting along with a neck worn loop or silhouette next to or near your hearing aid . I’ve used portable CB radios this way years ago.

If his does, then he can use his iCom plugged in via the cable that came with it. I don’t have one myself.

My Rexton RCU has an aux input on it. I can plug any audio source into it. If your Motorola radio, (my job also has me carrying a Motorola two radio) has an earpiece output, you could get a cord to plug into the radio and then into the input of your RCU to Bluetooth your HAs