Colour selection!


Do the EarGear Socks interfere with the transmission of the sounds? I hate having to remove the aids when I get my hair colored. I try to remember to bring my oldest working back ups to wear, but usually forget.


Audi today, had a few things done and got the impressions for custom molds made. My Audi had a student do the procedure, I asked what color Audi was going to have them made; Audi- clear, Student- hot pink, Me- black and red swirl…Student- I like it when older people go against the norm LOL


love the red, looks very nice!


No they are autisticly (spelling) transparent so don’t effect what you hear.


Sorry, Zebras. I about died laughing. The word you want is acoustically.


NO! Oddly enough the socks do not impair the sound at all. On top of which, I can actually feel, find and press the button on my BTE to change the volume or program! So in that respect, they are perfect. O’course I was kind of bummed to see some smudges of brown hair dye on these socks after my last app’t this week …
Where they do get in the way is in DRYING/STYLING the hair after it’s been dyed and washed out. That’s when I’d recommend removing the sock, cuz it catches on the hair brush a bit and pulls that dang BTE unit UP and sometimes right out of the ear.

That was my experience the past couple times at my hair stylist’s anyway.


OMG! LOVE these artistic interpretations!


Like the idea of crystals! I don’t have pierced ears.