Colour selection!


The votes are in, and it’s Silver for the left ear, and Terracotta for the right!

Now, I wonder if I can find any decals to spice it up?


Now that colour is done, you’ll need a new thread. Is “Testing Telecoil” next?!


Got a few others in mind before I get that far, since it’s about 2 weeks before I actually get my aids. Stay tuned…


Mine look the same today as when I bought them 3.5 years ago. If they get enough heat to make the case hot then the electronics would probably fry. And for those who wear hats there can be a few issues with getting the HAs and the hat to stay apart and play nicely together.


And I guess maintenance routine comes into it too, which raises another question… (new thread incoming)


PS - My audi said this is the first time anyone has ordered two different coloured hearing aids from her. She said she’d have to include a note to the suppliers that it wasn’t a mistake, or they’d query the order :slight_smile:


LOL Russell. It’s like the new car salesmen who try to get you thinking of pulling the trigger on the deal once you show some interest by trying to get you to focus on what color looks best to you.

You liked the vibrant colors in Resound’s line so might be more concerned with a fashion look than I was and many others are. Some come at it practically. I wanted my first pair to blend with ear or hair color so as to disappear. Many people buying their first pair of aids don’t want others to realize they have them. Many people reach a point eventually where they’ve gotten over being self-conscious about wearing hearing aids; they’d almost like to be carrying a sign reading, FACE ME AND SPEAK UP! I HAVE TROUBLE HEARING!!

So for aids after the first pair, I didn’t care about the aids blending in with my head. But then my more practical concern became having the aids stand out like a sore thumb if dropped on the ground. Since the ground where live is mostly sand, even if I try hard not to wear aids on the beach, any neutral beige or tan tone is risky. In some circumstances, black or white could be harder to see.


I guess my perspective is a bit skewed. With very little hair and big ears, the chance of hiding anything up there is practically impossible. So in hair terms, instead of being the guy with the comb-over, I wanted to be the guy who shaves his head and tattoo’s it :slight_smile: (which is wierd, because I’m one of the most introverted people I know. Maybe this is my mid-life crisis)


^^ This!! ^^

I live in an apartment with brown mottled carpet and if I drop small things they are very hard to see. I wanted something highly visible. I wear neon yellow or orange much of the time, and wanted my HAs to match, but alas, no luck. (After getting hit by a car and breaking a leg three years ago, I have this thing for high vis clothing.) :eyes:

I could not even get red or blue or anything like that with my ReSound Forte since I wanted to bigger 13 battery. I got “sterling grey” which was as bright as there was from the choices. First thing when I got home I dropped one on the carpet to see if it was obvious, and it was, thank god since even white was not an option. I’ve tried other places and the hard find is on concrete at the coffee shop where I sit outside and read.



When going in for my consultation my provider said that (as some folks say) cadaver beige would be a good choice to conceal my new HAs. (I’m a new user- almost 2 weeks in) I stated that I did not like that color and was going to look at the color choices and get back to her. I was also wanting to go the route of 2 different colors- was thinking L-blue and R-red but they were 2 tone (Widex BTE) I didn’t care for the white on them since I figured they would get dirty looking so I went black on both. I have seen several of my friends that know I got my HAs and I was actually disappointed they didn’t even know they were there LOL.


I love my HAs and them being odd.


Did your provider actually say “cadaver” beige? :rofl::rofl:
I hide that colour chip.


She said something close to that and I said cadaver? She smiled and nodded yes :grinning:


How I WISH there were custom paint jobs for aids. The biggest kick I get is when I put my little, zany EarGear sock on my aids when I get my hair colored. LOVE that pattern!

But my aud-guy has a funny habit: I get what he has on hand - always have, always will! It kinda bugs me, cuz I’ll like the demo aid, but then that’s what he sells me! So the color has ranged from brown to champagne. I have to say that the Oticon aid colors in the link you posted are like the same colors as luxury cars. Sigh!

Wish someone would break the mold and kick things up a notch with color choices for aids.


Just run a google image search for decorating hearing aids. There are people who bedazzle the crap out of them. :slight_smile:


Make a fashion statement!!!


Yeah! It’s fab to see. Especially when I have spent years to try and make my hearing aids more discreet. Now I’m more proud of them. Besides, can’t live without them.


Maybe I’ll get some of those little jiggly eyes and put them on the “heel” of my BTE…


There’s a Facebook group for pimping hearing aids. It was started by someone from the UK but now have members from all around the world.