Color Choices and Considerations

My wife and I are having a discussion about color choices for a set of KS8 BTE HA’s I plan to purchase this upcoming week. We aren’t exactly in agreement on this, so I’d like to solicit other thoughts. I’m a 70-year-old male with greying hair and am replacing a set of flesh-colored BTE HA’s I’ve worn for 7 years. I don’t think any color choices had to be made when I bought these.

I won’t bias the question by saying which side of this issue each of us is on, (and I’ve already received the advice to “just go with whatever your wife says”) :slight_smile:

This is a non-essential issue, but I’m just interested in hearing the pros and cons from other experienced users.

First, what are you gong for: discreteness or bling? My Mom went with white to make them easier to see if she dropped them on the carpet. (I often can’t tell if she’s got them on) Looks like you’ve also got red or blue options if visibitlity is a plus. If you want them to blend in, anything in pastel tones will do fine. Heck, most people probably wouldn’t even notice red ones! I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.

I’m in the same situation and am going with gray hearing aids.

The KS8.0 are not really going to show, but I did go with the silver. Just FYI, the KS8.0 have click sleeves as an option for the part that goes in your ear. They are very comfortable and don’t show at all.

My first set of hearing aids were flesh colored, as I thought that would make them harder to see. Turns out, after seeing myself from behind in a mirror, they looked like little tumors! HAHA!! In short order, I swapped the shells out for some bright silver ones (I don’t really have enough hair to even try to match). My second pair were a flat grey, and my latest set (brand new Resound Forte 8) are also a flat grey color.

Being a Harley Rider, I’d prefer CHROME hearing aids, but nobody makes them yet! :slight_smile:

For some folks, trying to blend hearing aids is sometimes like trying to hide glasses. I think we’re all better off if people can SEE that we are wearing HAs so maybe they will take the hint and speak clearly and directly at us!

I’d think a Harley rider would want orange HA’s, or maybe one black and one orange. :slight_smile:

I bought my first pair of hearing aids 12 years ago - Phonak - and they offered a long range of colors. Having grey hair, I chose a flat grey and was glad I did. 5 years ago I bought the Cost o KS5s which I am still wearing and I chose grey again and am glad I did. When I purchase new Costco hearing aids - maybe in a year if they are then compatible with Android phones, I will definitely choose grey again.

If i had a different hair color, I would try to match that hair color, but I fully understand why females, especially younger ones, choose to go with the jazzy bright colors.

I decided to post a picture of my old flesh-colored Phonak HA’s and the new granite KS8’s I ordered from Costco today. While acknowledging that HA color is strictly about aesthetics & a first-world problem at best, I’m nevertheless glad I took the time to ask on this forum. It does make a difference. And thanks to all those who replied.

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I got my Phonak Brio P-UP recased, 1 in Precious Pink and 1 in Caribbean Pirate. I love color and I’m in my 30s.

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