Cochlear Y Battery Charger lights flashing yellow

Any of you technical people have any insight into this issue please?
I’m 20 months post surgery, and my Y charger lights are flashing yellow on me instead of solid green when charged.
Is it possible to fix this or does it mean I have to buy a new Y charger??
Anyone else have any issues with your Y charger?

From what I have read that means your battery is going bad.
The attachment might help you.

@Raudrive thank you, I have a small HA brush here. So I cleaned all the batteries and Y charger connection points. And it’s working just fine again, so until next time I survive the cost of a new Y charger of $200 AU.

I’ve only ever used a single side of this charger at any given time. I would have thought I would get longer out of the charging unit, than I have before issues arose. I have 4 batteries and rotate them weekly.

But I suppose it’s all about money to Cochlear not durability of accessories.

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Good to hear all is charging now.
It sounds like it was just dirty contacts, not the batteries or the charger.
I haven’t had any problems with mine at this point but these are only 3 months in use.

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I have now identified the fault, I put a brand new battery on the charger, it’s flashing solid green. The battery I have been talking about has just died in my CI, yet again. So this battery is going in the bin…

I keep two in the Y at all times. Every morning I pull one out and use it. Not sure what the correct rotation is, but I was told to use all 4 batteries in a loop.
So…My rotation is the following: every night when I go to sleep I pull out the used battery and put it on the nightstand. I have a fresh charged one setting on the lamp on the nightstand (this puts two on the nightstand one dead/used and one fully charged on the lamp/nightstand).
The next morning, I put the fresh one from the lamp/nightstand in the unit and snap to my head. I then pull one of the charged ones out of the Y adapter and place it on the lamp/nightstand and finally put the used one into the Y adapter.
What a pain…

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What percentage battery do you typically have left at the end of each day?
I have the standard big batteries. They usually have at least half the battery left each day.

I have about 40 percent left in the battery after the day. I tried re-using one for a second day and it ran out after about 4 hours.

I did too, battery failed about mid day.
I have two big rechargeable batteries and two implants/N7 processors. Charging both batteries each night. Deaf_piper has the compact rechargeable batteries, might look into getting a pair of those.

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