Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip

I am interested in people’s experiences with the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip. I am bilateral having surgery for the second implant in November '22. My experience with one implant and Resound hearing aid was better for receiving phone calls (IPhone 12) as the pairing process picked up each device independently and held the pairing for the day. With two implants the pairing doesn’t last as long and vacillates between the left and right at the time of pairing ( a seperate problem that I am working with Cochlear Aust. to try and solve). Prior to going to the expense of another device I would be interested to read of people’s experiences with the phone clip.

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@Phill I’m bimodal N7 & Resound Enzo 3D now. Hearing Australia first issued me with a Enzo2 where I needed the phone clip. Being able to answer the phone hands free was excellent. Where as with the 3D I don’t necessarily need it so I don’t use it at all now. One less piece of technology that I don’t need to worry about.

The actual clip on the back of the devise is very fragile, particularly when I tended to clip it onto my shirt or pocket for convenience. The clip broke off within the first 6 months of use.

The neck cord that comes with it the magnet catch on it isn’t very strong, the magnet kept coming undone and falling off all the time. From that point I got a shoe lace and hung it from that and put it around my neck.

Other than those 2 design faults it was a handy device.

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Thanks Sheryl
I couldn’t agree more regarding not having to get another piece of technology. The phone calls worked well with the Resound Aid and Cochlear and Im trying to get similar success now with the second implant. At the moment if the phone defaults to the most recent implant then Im in trouble and have to return the call after I have forced the phone to use the first implant. If I could get both left and right processors working together for phone calls I will be happy. They both work with the TV tuner and the :Mini Mic just not the phone for calls. I will keep searching for an answer.

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Which processors do you have?

Hi Raudrive

Kanso 2 processors.

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Just curious.
I have a couple mini mics, never used them. I don’t have a phone clip.
I do use a TV streamer.
If I sat in front of a computer I just might use one but that is not the case.
I use an Android phone.

You do know your K2 processors will Bluetooth with most iphones and Android phones without a phone clip or mini mic, correct?

Thanks Raudrive.

Yes I do appreciate the K2 processors will pair with Iphones. My issue is whether the level of performance is better with the phone clip and if it overcomes the problems of selecting one processor over the other following pairing on the Iphone.

Bluetooth LE Audio will let you pair multiple devices. So just wait for the firmware update coming for N8 sound processor. I recommend the N8 over the K2 because it will support the LE Audio

if i understand your problem. So your problem is pairing the bilateral K2 but your iphone sees it as one or the other? …, it should be able to link for left and right sides and don’t think the audiologist did bilateral correctly… You need to go back to the audiologist to make sure it is linked properly…

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Is this thread about pairing K2 processors with your phone bilaterally?

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Thanks ssa, I will discuss your comment with the audiologist at my next appointment in Feb. It may well save me the additional expense of a wireless phone clip.

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Phill do you still have the male aud in Hobart CI clinic?
My girlfriend from Launceston has been going to Hobart CI clinic, 6 hour round trip. She mentioned that a young male aud totally mucked up her connections. She ended up flying to Melb CCC to get everything linked and paired properly.
That’s the biggest problem with the N7 or K2 is the need to be all linked together on the CI computer then all paired simultaneously to your phone or close as possible to simultaneously.

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Hi Sheryl, your comment regarding the Hobart CI clinic is unfortunately too common. I ended up working with a Dr of audiology in Burnie (who is very good in relation to the clinical side of hearing issues), 4 hour’s drive from Hobart . Then surgery in Sydney. If I don’t have any success on my next visit, I will look at the option of a trip to Melbourne. I have asked Cochlear Australia to send details to my audiologist as to what they have to do on the CI computer to link them. Having invested nearly $50k with Cochlear Australia over the last two years it’s the least they can do.

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@Phill my friend had to get Hobart to send all you info on the CI computer through to CIC. So if you decide to come to Melb get your file sent over.

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Is that $50k of your own money??? I think I’ve spent about $500 in the same period! Did you pay for the device and implant yourself?

You were correct ssa. My audiologist worked with Cochlear Australia and on my visit last week both implants were linked and the pairing problem has now been resolved. Both processors now appear together for pairing and don’t drop out at all. No longer require the phone clip as they remain paired and phone calls are coming through both processors. Thanks again for your advice.