Cochlear sound processor firmware update

Hello everyone, name is Juan and I’m new here. I went in to see my audiologist because I had learned about direct audio streaming without the need for a phone clip, on compatible Android phones. But you need to update the processor firmware to Custom Sound 5.2. So I went in to get mine upgraded. But in my Nucleus Smart app, in the Settings> About section, my firmware says So I am confused, as my audiologist said it updated when he connected it to the computer and device they use. I am curious as to what your firmware all says in the app. Is anyone willing to share? Anyone else use an Android phone? Thank you. Screenshot_20200607-151926|250x500

Custom sound 5.2 is the audiologist’s firmware. The Cochlear app says I am running Since my activation was after Android comparability was out there I assume it would work if my phone was newer.

Thank you for the response, that makes sense. I was probably stressing for nothing lol. Cool, I’m learning alot here. Wish I would have found this forum sooner!

Ok, I got a CP1000 8 days ago to replace my CP810 and its firmware version is It looks like my medical team does not install the updates as soon as they become available. What a pity that we cannot get firmware updates via the application …

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I agree I wish that were a possibility. At least for the tech minded.

@klown07 I had my firmware updated yesterday. 2/6.
My firmware is a later version from what you have. But I’m not Android I’m iOS.

It will be interesting to see what the firmware is in your 2nd device when your activated. Good luck.

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I will definitely look that info up and share with the details.

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