Cochlear/Resound apps and streaming iPhone vs Android 10

I have recently acquired the Nucleus 7 processor for my cochlear implant and just a few days ago the Resound Enzo Q for the other ear. I have a 3 year old phone (Moto G5+) running Android 8. The downloaded Nucleus Smart App controls the Nucleus 7 processor on the phone. No problems. I downloaded the ReSound Smart 3D app to control the Enzo Q. Not possible on my phone. My audiologist called ReSound and was told I needed a more modern phone.

Both the Nucleus 7 and the Enzo Q are MFI but on both the Cochlear website and the ReSound website show that some Android phones can stream without accessories and are otherwise compatible. The iPhone SE with 4.7 screen is the newest iPhone and the cheapest. The Pixel 4a is one I am considering and wondering if MFI does in fact work as well for a phone running Android 10. The Pixel 4a has a slightly larger screen 5.8 and a headphone jack. It is also $100 cheaper than the iPhone SE upgraded to 128 GB. And I have always used an Android phone though I could learn to use an iPhone.

Do I assume correctly that the Nucleus 7 and the Enzo Q use separate apps on the iPhone as they seem to do on an Android phone? In other words their programs, devices, and volume are adjusted separately. They do not sync automatically?

Does anyone have any experience with the apps on Android vs iPhone? Are problems encountered with Android that are not experienced on an iPhone?

Is the streaming using bluetooth on the iPhone or Android as good as that using mini mic or phone clip? The mini mic would be possible on the Pixel but not iPhone.

Right now I am controlling the Nucleus 7 with the Smart App and the Enzo Q with the buttons on top of the hearing aid.

Lots of questions but this forum will not disappoint me with answers :slight_smile:

I can’t answer all your questions, but the Pixel 4A does not stream via MFI. It uses ASHA (Android Streaming Hearing Aids) Just a gut feeling, but I think you’d have an overall smoother experience with an iPhone.

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Has your Aud uploaded the Android software into your N7?
I have an N7 and Resound Enzo (not 3D) also have an iphone. I don’t need the Resound apps on my phone that’s because I have an older Enzo. So I’m not able to answer your questions. It’s my understanding the Quattro is direct streaming with the N7 and IOS phone.

But @debbie_o has an N7 and Quattro, I don’t know what phone she has. But she may be able to help your further.

Hey nelhop. I had same dilemma as you, Pixel vs SE and I got SE. I used Android for past 7 years, and I have easily switched to the iOS. I have Linx Quattro’s and when I tried using them with an Android and iPhone and I would say it’s much better experience on iPhone regarding streaming and some functions in Smart 3D app.

Regarding your problem with Cochlear/ReSound, I don’t have any experience, but stated on ReSounds site, you can stream simultaneously on both devices but they do not state if they have ear-to-ear communication so I assume you would have to use separate apps for changing volume or modes.

But iPhone does have quick shortcuts for Hearing Aids so I think you could change volume and mode from there, synchronized.

Thanks to all of you! Very useful replies. The iPhone SE is smaller than my current Moto G5+. That might be useful for putting in a pocket as I seldom carry a purse. But I have old eyes as well as old ears and I wonder if the screen would be harder to read. dmrljes, how do you find the screen on the iPhone SE? The iPhone 12 is coming out shortly and will be even more expensive but it might drive the price of the iPhone 11 down.

iphone 11 or XR could also be decent choices.

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I have an iPhone XR. So I can’t help with N7 and android phones.

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@nelhop I had an iPhone 8 which worked well with my bimodal system. I upgraded To an 11 about 6 months ago. The 8 is a fair bit smaller than the 11 screen. But with iOS you can change the font size to large and bold for “old eyes” if you need larger print. I agree with @MDB an 11 or SR are good screen size to work with. My 11 still fits in my jeans pocket. When buying jeans/slacks I make sure they have deep pockets before buying.

I don’t have Cochlear but I do have a Resound Enzo Q and I can say that unfortunately my experience with streaming outside the home has been garbage. Inside, with lots of surfaces for the weak af Bluetooth LE (ASHA) signals to bounce around, it works fine. Outside, the energy goes off into space and the experience is not great with my Galaxy S10+ in my pocket (any of them). It breaks up, skips, etc.

Since I have Med-El I got a Bluetooth neckloop (Artone 3 Max) and that, by contrast, works great, and gives me stereo (though I admit I haven’t used it out in the world yet since moving boxes from apartment to new house has been my exercise lately vice going on multihour walks).

Or Get an 8plus at a knockdown deal somewhere.