Cochlear Kanso with Profile Plus Implant

Somehow I can picture the Kanso processor and your implant communicating with each other. Am I not understanding?

They do not seem to be communicating because the Kanso does not attach to my skull at all.

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UPDATE: My hair has flattened out a bit so i tried the Kanso today and it now attaches to my head but it is very weak and falls off pretty easily. If i stand or sit upright it will stay attached, but a few movements and it will fall off. It is also not communicating with the internal processor while it is attached to my skull because the Kanso blinks orange.

As a test i took the magnet out of the Kanso and it attaches to my head fine and sturdy. It does not fall off at all. Therefore it appears the form factor of the Kanso is causing the “block”/issue.

Ill try again next week with my hair more grown out and hopefully some more swelling goes down.

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@Lou82 once all the swelling has gone down around the magnet site it will attach easier. When I first had my N7 I had a 4 magnet. 4 weeks later I was put down to a 2. Just give it time for all the swelling to subside, it could possibly be the post op swelling that’s making it difficult for the magnet to attach.


I connected my N7 to my iphone and installed the app. The app has 4 programs called scan 1, scan 2, scan 3 and scan 4

Is there a difference between a scan and a program? I was just watching a youtube video and on someones phone there was a program called Program 1 not scan 1.

Scan is Cochlear name for their automatic program. Right now my first program is scan my second says program 2, which is set up to focus towards the front but not as tightly as their forward focus option.

Sounds like your audiologist put all four in the default program of scan, why they just didn’t turn the other three off if they were going to do that I can’t tell you.


My doctor said each program will provide more electrical stimulation

That would be very handy for someone just getting a CI.


@Lou82 mine is set up the same as yours. Each new scan 1, 2, 3 or 4 has the volume turned up a bit louder than the scan previously. The louder the volume you go the more stimulation you are getting. Hope this makes sense.

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