Cochlear implants

For those interested in learning more about cochlear implants this article is very well written and very informative. A little dated but helpful.


My audiologist and i talked about implants and his comment was simply that the implants are the last resort. And as hearing aid technology improves he is less convinced that implants should be rushed into. As someone that hasn’t been hospitalized or had any surgeries I am totally happy with my aids.


Totally agree chuck. CI is the last resort for hearing. This is what the CI evaluation is all about. It weeds out those not ready for CI or medically unable.

When a person’s hearing gets bad enough CI is a much easier choice to take.


I also agree with you both, Rick and Chuck. It generally is the last resort. The person themselves will know when the time is right to move forward with a CI.

Some people will get a wake up call like I did. Being told to retire because I couldn’t take phone messages from Dr’s, was very tough to swallow. I went for my evaluation and was told I was a suitable recipient for bilateral implants from the Aud. Then sitting on the fence for a further 18 months, do I, don’t I, before seeing my surgeon again and booking surgery. Also being told by my surgeon was going to do my good ear not the other as the aud had suggested.

It’s not an easy decision to make for some people. They need to be mentally in the right head space to move forward with surgery. That said, I’ve not met anyone since being implanted who don’t think it was the best decision they have ever made.