Cochlear implant magnet strength

Hi, I would love to hear from you I am worried about myself. I’ve been transplanted since 2002 at the Nocloas company. I have very thick hair, so it was always difficult for me to place the transmission-magnet ring But in two years the Ahani makes his hair straight And saying this does not feel safe with the implant. I had magnet number 5 but I push the ring inside - something I was told several times is not good because then the hearing is not transmitted correctly but this is the only way I have confidence and the feeling that the implant is connected to me. But one day I noticed that it made a dent on my skin and it was red there - it doesn’t hurt, I just feel it and my brother checked and saw.
So I switched to magnet 6 where you can’t push a smooth ring inside. At first it was great! But recently I put the magnet on my head, the magnet sticks but I don’t hear a part as if the implant is not on me such disconnections. The ring of magnet 5 I can hear perfectly but it is dangerous the sign ha I’m worried that it says something about the internal implant, has anyone had a story like this? And can tell me what it means.
Hope I asked the question in the right place
And the story is clear

Could you tell us which brand cochlear implant you have?

A 6 strength magnet is stronger than a 5 strength magnet.

Have you talked to your audiologist about these questions?

I have a COCLHEAR brand.
Nucloas 6.
I talked to the company, they didn’t understand what I was talking about.
I haven’t spoken to the Adaliog yet.
After Passover I’m supposed to upgrade to Nucloas 8.
The question is if we can wait…

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To the best of my knowledge Cochlear’s strongest magnet is 6. If the coil is leaving an indentation around the magnet site your magnet is too strong. Does the coil/magnet fall off all the time?
Or does the processor fall off at all?

If the coil/magnet site is red now, perhaps you need to leave your processor off for a few days to let the reddened area to heal. If you don’t and this area gets infected you will be in a real tight spot.

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What do you mean turn off I need to hear :slight_smile:
It doesn’t stand stable for me it sticks but moves all the time if other magnets

I am guessing we have a language issue here.

I am not understanding what you are saying or what you really mean.
I understand why Cochlear did not understand you as well.

What is your question exactly?

@Raudrive he’s responding to my post where I said about his magnet site being red. He might need to leave his processor off to let the reddened area heal.

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@NHAMAA yes we all need to hear. But we all need to look after reddened magnet sites. You are bilaterally implanted since the age of 2 so your bio tells me. So even leaving one off you will be able to still hear.

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I am indeed bilaterally transplanted, but unfortunately the other side is not restored enough to walk around with it outside the house alone.
I was implanted in it 7 years ago at an advanced age and it supports the noise more than hearing it.
Maybe you will push me to restore it.
How can it be done in a pleasant way?
It should be noted that I have heard very well there in the past, but there were days when I did not wear the Nambad and thus the hearing decreased… :::

By the way, there is someone here who feels that he is very hot and, on the contrary, a little stretchy at the site of the operation behind the ear. I asked once and they told me that it happens because of the weather. Does anyone know what I’m talking abou

The language difference here is causing problems with us understanding you. I don’t know what your native language is, but maybe this will help.

If you have Google, search for “translate”. Type your question for us into the appropriate side and google will translate you words into English. Then copy and paste the English into this thread.

When you get a reply, copy it and then process it through Google translate, too.