Cochlear Baha implant problems and answers

Hi, I am a Baha user which is on my right side, since having my first Baha operation in 2010 I have had some problems mostly small but wanted to share this with you guys to find out if you have the same or similar problems.

Once all you guys have posted any problems you have had with your Baha this is from the first operation until now, I will evaluate this and design a product as part of my final major design project at university to solve this.

Just one key problem I do have is that if I lay down on the side of the Baha it screams because of the feedback from the microphones the same happens if i were to wear a Hat or similar headwear. This must obviously be more annoying for those with Baha’s on both sides.

I have been unable to find any product which stops this. Please let me know if you do know of any.

Thanks for all your input and i will keep you all posted with the progress of this project.

Hopefully together we can solve these problems and together we will live happier lives :slight_smile: