Cleaning hearing aids

How does one clean a hearing aid? Pls excuse all the questions, i’m new to the whole hearing aid thing and quite excited about the prospect of finally having one.

Thanx for all the help guys!! Appreciate it :frowning:

It depends on the type of hearing aid.

I have BTE’s. I leave the BTE part alone for the most part and my audiologist cleans it every once and a while. I wash my earmolds a few times a week with warm water, and a special earmold disinfectant.

I wear Siemens “in the ear” digital. Had them since 2004. I clean them about every 3 weeks to a month. Besides the plastic rod and brush that came with them, I use a 30 x magnifying glass and very carefully use a sewing needle. If I didn’t clean them with the needle they would be plugged off in couple months.

Been back once to the audiologist one time, she though I didn’t wore them much for they were so clean.
I have lots of ear wax and clean my ears daily with q-tips. For those that say not to use q-tips… been using q-tips for at least 30 to 40 years.