Cleaning custom earmolds on Phonak P90

Hi! I have Phonak P90s with custom ear molds. I’ve had them for about 8 months and I feel the mold and receiver could both use a cleaning. Is this something I can do on my own? My audy gave me a disc of cerushields but didn’t really explain how or if I should be replacing the shield at home. Any advice is appreciated!

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Well you should ask him. That’s what you’re paying him for. And he should have shown you when he gave them. Otherwise and I use a toothbrush, brush the molds off. Also use a dehumidifier and I have one with a uv lamp that also disinfects

I also have P90 custom molds. I clean my molds about one and week with isopropyl alcohol using a Q-tip and also change the shields. Be sure to clean the vents if yours has them.


I have Paradie P90R’s with closed domes.
I take the dome off carefully. If it falls on the floor the dog will eat it.
I take the disk. Rotate the top until I see a waxguard at the bottom, and an open “TRASH” receptacle at the top.
CAREFULLY insert the receiver centred on the WAY TOO SMALL trash receptacle, pushing down until I hear a click. Now the receiver is ready for the new waxguard
CAREFULLY insert the receiver centred on the new wax guard, pushing down until I hear a click. Now the receiver (should) have a waxguard mounted.

If the waxguard is not centred, but leans toward the edge of the receiver I have to fix it. I do this with a small sewing needle. I dig the needle in and pull. If I’m lucky the waxguard comes out so I can throw it away. Then I try again…

When I start this awful procedure I check to see how the wax guards are fitted. Are they in straight? Are they centred in the receiver opening? If they’re not, I think—that’s why I couldn’t hear. The wax guard blocked the path of sound.

I’ve worn hearing aids for 20 years. I’ve never had problems like this changing wax guards. If I had known about this I would have demanded a different make.

Every time I meet a person my age I ask “how’s your hearing?” And I ask "When did you change your wax guards? Often the answer is, “What are those?” or “My audiologist changes them when I see them.” Those little holes are so tiny; they plug easily.

Thanks for your reply! I use alcohol free wipes every couple days and isopropyl once a week, but how do you change the shields? Thankfully I’m not a big wax-producer so they don’t seem too bad but I definitely need to change them. Thanks!

Unfortunately getting ahold of her is always a challenge. I leave messages but it takes time for the office to get back to me. I was hoping this route would be a little quicker.

trying to help…please see my other post. Hope it helps.

If it doesn’t suggest you search there. There are lots of *experts!

The piece being referred to as a wax guard in a bte hearing aid is actually a sound damper and shouldn’t be messed with. If it or the ear hook gets clogged in any way the ear hook should be replaced. Ear hooks screw on and off… just saying


I use Phonak Cerust wax guards. It has a plastic stick about the size of a toothpick. One end of the stick has a wax guard and the other end has nothing. Inserting the blank end into the wax guard on my mold and twisting it and then pulling it out removes the wax guard. Then inserting the end with the replacement wax guard and twisting and pulling the stick out leaves the replacement in the mold.