CIC/single-mic versus ITC/ me decide

Sorry for posting in dual forums…I didn’t notice this forum till later.

I have had moderate hearing loss within the past year. I have decided on WIDEX, either the completely-in-canal (CIC) or the In-the-Canal (ITC).

Obviously, for aesthetic reasons, I’d prefer people not to see the hearing aid. The problem, though, is that the CIC model is only single-mic and can only be controlled via remote. The ITC model sticks out a bit and is visible to others, but is dual-mic and can be controlled with a button in addition to the remote.

Those of you concerned about others noticing…do you think the trade-off is worth it? Would you go with the superior dual-mic (if it is indeed superior?). I don’t know how much better it is, since I am only 43 years old and haven’t had hearing loss until very recently.

Thanks for any and all feedback!

I have had both CIC and ITC aids. My ITC aids were Widex Diva, with dual mics. CIC aids use the shape of the ear (pinna?) to give you some sense of sound direction. You lose that ability with ITC aids.

Both ITC and CIC aids are more noticeable than open fit or RIC aids. These styles of BTE aids generally have dual mics too.

You get more features with BTE or RIC style (for the money) and they can be less noticeable. A guy I work with every day came by my office and said what are you doing. I said trying to find a ring tone on my phone that I can hear. He said you have trouble hearing? I said yes, that’s why I wear hearing aids. He said, you wear hearing aids?

I’ve also told people I wear them and gotten the response, but you are not wearing them today?

Many people want them to show and get the brighter colors or patterns. It’s not like it was many years ago.

Thanks for the responses.

The thing I’m concerned about is that the CIC is single-mic and the ITE is dual-mic. Is dual that much of an improvement over single…that I would have it be more visible than the CIC? I would obviously prefer the invisibility of CIC, but not if it’s inferior in quality to the ITE.

Neither the CIC nor ITC are invisible compared to RIC aids. With ITC aids, even with 2 mics, you cannot determine the direction a sound comes from. The CIC aids are a little better due to using the pinna of the ear.

I did not see any benefit having the dual mic. Most of our professionals here discourage their patients away from CIC or ITC aids.

RIC was not given to me as an option with WIDEX and I am unfamiliar with it. I will have to do some research…thanks.

Apparently Widex differentiates between RIC (Receiver in the Canal) and RITE (Receiver in the Ear). I think their RIC is deeper in the canal than RITE.

They appear to have models in both styles. It appears their RITE aids have a small mold around the receiver, for more profound hearing losses.

The answer to this question should always be determined by the person’s actual ability to process speech at their comfort levels, as well as the type of hearing loss they have.

Ie; a conductive hearing loss can wear a CIC with no issues whatsoever because the inner ear processes everything with near perfect accuracy, whereas a person with a sensorineural loss would not be able to with nearly the same ease, and would require technology to intervene.