CI Hearing Assessment Tests

Hey all! Kinda excited, just been booked in for the first appointment with NextSense in Australia for the hearing test. I was wondering if anyone else underwent the same test at the charty? Would be awesome if you could share insights into what happens on the day, the tests involved, and the thresholds to be met to be considered a candidate? Any tips on how to tackle the assessment?

I went through the E&E hospital in Melbourne. I had a 2 hour evaluation back then.
Audiogram with and without aids.
50 Words with and without aids.
50 sentences with and without aids.
They average the words and sentences to give you a %. I didn’t get a break so take a bottle of water. You might or might not be asked to do a balance test. You most likely will have a CT and MRI of the head. Good luck.

Cheers thanks for the info. Not sure why I was so worried about the test and being considered ineligible. I got less than 30 in either ear (with Aids!) and with both (which is not the assessable metric) I was just above 40%. So basically I’m guessing more than half the time in real world conversations.

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Congratulations. It’s not difficult just the 2 hours of hard concentration was tough, I was brain exhausted at the end of it. Onward and upward on your new hearing journey.

Did you have any physical type tests done for inner ear function by an ENT?
My CI evaluation included both ENT things and audiologist things separately to be a CI candidate.

Once these tests were completed and I was considering a CI candidate I was sent out for MRI scans and a through physical by my medical doctor.

Early days I’m here in Oz, still have to see the doc, but i was worried my hearing might be considered too good.


Good for you, I just got set up for a Cl evaluation at Cleveland Clinic on April 8th and 9th. I am, as I am sure you are, nervous but look forward to better hearing down the road. :hear_with_hearing_aid:

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