Changing the shape of the tube?

I’m using ReSound aids from Costco now, and will probably be going to the Phonak shortly. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I notice on some people, the tube from the BTE piece to the piece in the ear seems to follow the contour of the ear, but on mine it sort of comes straight down and goes into the ear. To me, it’s more noticeable than when it follows the contour of the ear (I’m probably not explaining this very well…). Can the tube be reshaped easily? Maybe I need to take a picture of what I mean in to Costco…

I’m assuming that you are talking about the wires for receiver-in-canal aids? If so, I can say that at least my Oticons can be reshaped to better fit my ear contours. I even understand that they can be heated to make the reshaping process easier, but I have been able to make minor adjustments without doing so.

You have to heat them up gently to reshape them. Phonaks are extremely thin, I don’t advise it.